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Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalonation feat. 初音ミク"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalonation feat. 初音ミク"
Published July 6, 2011, for ¥2,000


"Vocalonation" is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES and is the 7th in their "Vocalo" series. It consists of some notable tracks such as halyosy's "Fire◎Flower", EasyPop's "Happy Synthesizer", and 40mP "Mousou Sketch". As with every EXIT TUNES album, it features a special or secret track for the buyer.

This album features Miku, Rin, Gackpo, GUMI, Luka, MEIKO, Len, and KAITO.

Preceding and succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

1."Fire◎Flower" (2011)halyosyhalyosyKagamine Len4:22
2."千年の独奏歌 (Sennen no Dokusou Ka) (refine)" (Thousand Year Solo (refine))yanagi-Pyanagi-PKAITO4:39
3."Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!"daniwellPdaniwellPHatsune Miku5:18
4."どういうことなの!? (Dou Iu Koto na no!?)" (What Do You Mean?!)Kuchibashi-PKuchibashi-PHatsune Miku4:01
5."腐れ外道とチョコレゐト (Kusaregedou to Chocolate)" (Rotten Heresy and Chocolate)Pinocchio-PPinocchio-PHatsune Miku3:21
6."リモコン (Rimokon)" (Remote Controller)Jesus-PJesus-PKagamine Rin, Kagamine Len5:12
7."ハッピーシンセサイザ (Happy Synthesizer)"EasyPopEasyPopMegurine Luka, GUMI3:57
8."LOVELESS×××"natsuPnatsuPVanaN'Ice (Kagamine Len, Camui Gackpo, and KAITO)3:35
9."壊セ壊セ (Kowase Kowase)" (Break It, Break It!)E.L.V.NE.L.V.NMEIKO3:40
10."妄想スケッチ (Mousou Sketch)" (Delusion Sketch)40mP40mPHatsune Miku3:46
11."リンネ (Rinne)" (Samsara)HachiHachiHatsune Miku4:23
12."神曲 (Kami Kyoku)" (God-Tier Tune)Onew-POnew-PHatsune Miku3:18
13."Blackjack"Yucha-PYucha-PMegurine Luka2:38
14."ハンコウセイメイ (Hankou Seimei)" (Life of Resistance)YMYMGUMI2:31
15."藍色の蝶 (Aiiro no Chou)" (Indigo Butterfly)Machigerita-PMachigerita-PCamui GackpoTBA
16."レンラクマダー? (Renraku Madaa?)" (Why Don't you Call Me Yet?)Live-PLive-PKagamine Rin5:02
17."リスキーゲーム (Risky Game)"Kurousa-PKurousa-PHatsune Miku3:32
18."修道少女と偶像少女 (Shuudou Shoujo to Guuzou Shoujo)" (Nun Girl & Idol Girl)cosMocosMoHatsune Miku5:17
19."ボーカロイドたちがボカロネイション収録曲をセッションしたようです (VOCALOID-tachi ga Vocalonation Shuuroku Kyoku o Session Shita you desu)" (Vocaloids Having a Jam Session for Vocalonation)GYARIGYARIVocalonation Band (Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, KAITO, MEIKO, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Camui Gackpo, GUMI)8:48

Other media appearances[]

Promotional goods[]

Each copy of the album will feature the following bonus items.

  • A fake credit card with a full illustration of the cover by Hidari.
  • A mobile strap with two illustrations by Hidari: one with Miku, Rin, GUMI, Luka, and MEIKO and one with Len, Gackpo, and KAITO.
  • A smartphone/IC Card sticker illustrated by Hidari.

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