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Image of "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons feat. 初音ミク ~Spring~"
Album title
  • "EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloseasons feat. 初音ミク ~Spring~"
Published April 4, 2018, for ¥2,600
  • 40mP, Yuukisan, Wataru-P, Croissant Chicago, Yuuyu-P, Natsume Chiaki, YM, DECO*27, xi-onP, mint*, Fuwari-P, Heri-P, HarryP, doriko, halyosy (music)
  • Teruaki Tanahashi, is (arrange)
  • 40mP, Yuukisan, Wataru-P, Croissant Chicago, Yuuyu-P, Natsume Chiaki, YM, DECO*27, xi-onP, mint*, Fuwari-P, Kanaki, HarryP, doriko, halyosy (lyrics)
  • YoP (mix)
  • tomoboP, YoP (mastering)
  • Osamu (tuning)
  • totototom (guitar)
  • Kamogawa (album art)


"Vocaloseasons ~Spring~" is a compilation album by EXIT TUNES, the 19th in their "Vocalo" series, and the 3rd "Vocaloseasons" album. It contains 15 spring-related tracks written by various producers, featuring previous favorites and newly written ones.

This album features Miku, Rin, Len, GUMI, Gackpo, Luka, MEIKO, IA, KAITO, and MAYU.

Preceding and succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

1."春に一番近い街 (Haru ni Ichiban Chikai Machi)" (A Town Nearing Spring)40mP40mPGUMI4:35
2."spray"YuukisanYuukisanHatsune Miku3:23
3."桜前線異常ナシ (Sakura Zensen Ijou Nashi)" (Everything's Fine at the Cherry Blossom Front)Wataru-PWataru-PHatsune Miku3:19
4."東京バレエ (Tokyo Ballet)"Croissant ChicagoCroissant ChicagoHatsune Miku4:37
5."桜の季節 (Sakura no Kisetsu)" (Cherry Blossom Season)Yuuyu-PYuuyu-PHatsune Miku4:30
6."センチメンタルな愛慕心 (Sentimental na Aiboshin)" (Sentimental Feelings of Love)Natsume ChiakiNatsume ChiakiHatsune Miku4:12
7."4月の愚者 (4-gatsu no Gusha)" (April Fool)YMYMGUMI4:59
8."ハルイチ。 (Haru Ichi.)" (The First Winds of Spring Begin to Blow.)DECO*27DECO*27Hatsune Miku2:59
9."ハジマリノヒ (Hajimari no Hi)" (Beginning of the Day)xi-onPxi-onPHatsune Miku4:16
10."『紅桜』少女幻奏 ("Benizakura" Shoujo Gensou)"mint*mint*Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len4:02
11."にじいろのはる (Niziiro no Haru)" (Rainbow Colored Spring)Fuwari-PFuwari-PHatsune Miku, IA, GUMI, Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, MAYU, Megurine Luka, MEIKO, Camui Gackpo, and KAITO6:58
12."風待ちハローワールド (Kazemachi Hello World)" (Waiting for Favorable Wind; Hello World)KanakiHeri-PHatsune Miku4:13
13."クロニクル (Chronicle)"HarryPHarryPHatsune Miku4:33
14."過ぎし3月の君へ (Sugishi 3-gatsu no Kimi e)" (To You in the Past March)dorikodorikoHatsune Miku4:30
15."桜ノ雨 (Sakura no Ame)" (Cherry Blossom Rain)halyosyhalyosyHatsune Miku6:41
Total length:1:07:12

Other media appearances[]

Promotional goods[]

Each copy of the album will feature one random acrylic key chain drawn by either Kamogawa, Heart, or △○□× and a large-sized 515x515 mm square poster of the album cover art by Kamogawa.

Exclusive contents[]

Purchasing all four Vocaloseasons albums will reward buyers a bonus CD featuring two Miku songs written and arranged by 40mP and 164: Hatsune and 大嫌いシーズン.

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Animate: Comes with an A4 clear folder designed with the album cover art by Kamogawa.
  • Animate Online: Comes with an original wallpaper set featuring illustrations by Kamogawa, Heart, and △○□×.
  • Animega: Comes with an alternate album cover design by Kamogawa.
  • TOWER RECORDS: Comes with an original sticker designed by Heart.
  • TSUTAYA: Comes with an original 3-type set of bookmarks each designed by Kamogawa, Heart, and △○□×.
  • Toranoana: Comes with an alternate album cover design by △○□×.
  • Neowing: Comes with an album jacket sized sticker designed by Heart.

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