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"My evening star, turn your face to me so that I may partake of the beauty of your petals, and the frailty of your wonder."

This piece was partially inspired by the Star vs. the Forces of Evil episode: Blood Moon Ball and Carmilla the Lesbian Vampire Queen. It's also the first time Prima is featured here on Vocallective. She's quite hard to use. But this is so solemn and majestic, know what I'm saying? The instrumental synergizes well with her tone
—label's comment

♛Ephemeral♛ is ClockworkSinger's first single with Prima released by Vocallective Records.

Ephemeral single
Released May 22, 2014
Producer ClockworkSinger
Price Free
Illust. ClockworkSinger
Label Vocallective Records
Track list
1. ♛Ephemeral♛
2. ♛Ephemeral♛ (Off-Vocal)
Clockwork NightmaresOLIVER
Clockwork Nightmares
Self-Portrait EP

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