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  • "Ephesus"
Published August 14, 2012, with 52,300+ YouTube views
  • Ms.Constantine (music, lyrics, video)


The first song of Ms.Constantine's Apocalypse series, which consists of seven songs. The story is of the character Ephesus, who is trying to recover his mind from the insanity which attacks him, and he begins to recall who he was as a child while he is about to be strung up in the gallows for crimes he did not commit, but he believes the black insanity made him do against his own will. In the end it is unclear if he was executed or not, but he is still believed to be alive at the very end of the song.


He was the firstborn child
Sweet and mild
Ever luminescent

But in time he grew distant
In an instant
His love had grown stagnant

He walked through empty town streets
Calling out cheats
Despite his own pitfalls

He felt so empty inside
His spirit cried
Didn't hear its call

Lost his love,
Losing his mind
Call out or be left behind
Lost his heart,
Within the crime
Reason without Rhyme (x2)

Blame and judgement;
Just dirty tricks
Whispered in his ears

false emotions
Set in motion
By this nagging fear

Desperation 'cross the nation
Backed into the wall
This hysteria in us all

Hurt and despair
Just a nightmare
Swimming in his head

Broken feelings
On the ceilings
Crawling in his bed

Not acquired,
Just too tired
Cannot seem to mend

Will he still be standing in the end?
He's breaking apart
Stop before it starts

He was so lost
Not yet found
On sacred ground

He fell down to his knees
He walked on despite hardships
Can't get his grip

Such hypocrisies

Knew it was less rapture,
More armature
His choice left a black stain

Beg forgiveness for this sickness
Slowly drove insane

Lost his love,
Losing his mind
Call out or be left behind
Lost his heart,
Within the crime
Reason without Rhyme (x2)

Once he seemed to have it all
Just how far did he fall?
Retribution, execution answering his call

Such a liar, spitting fire
Covering his tracks
Will he be prepared for the attacks?

Such an easy remedy
But is it just too late?
Must be stronger
Hold out longer
He change change his fate

Vanity insanity still tries to hold him back
Trying not to fade into the black
Can you truly not remember?

How far have you really fallen?
Dear Ephesus, look at yourself.
What have you let yourself become?

Ephisi qui eligere memento pri amore
Ephisi qui eligere.

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