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Image of "EvoLve"
Song title
  • "evoLve"
Published June 2, 2016, with 46,100+ YouTube views, 6,500+ SoundCloud views and 1,500+ YouTube views


nothing says "i love you" more than eviscerating your partner and tearing them apart am i right?
—Author's comment

evoLve is a song featuring RUBY by GHOST. Prior to deletion, the song was a remake of "Reversed Love", there was an online comparison but it too has been deleted. The song was reuploaded on October 24, 2018.


Come here, pull me in your arms and hold me
Bring chimeras from my dreams
And now’s the perfect time to tell you
My love is backwards, feeling from the inside

Never ever ever ever fly away
Never ever ever ever live to say “I-”

Reverse everything
Reverse everything
Reverse me

Tearing everything
Of ordinary
Throwing everything
The corners of the earth
Screaming at each
People don’t know these feelings from the inside

Reverse everything around me
Inverse everything inside me

Well, this is love after all!

Reverse everything
Reverse everything

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