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Published June 28, 2017, with 1,800+ YouTube views


Two interstellar gods in the ancient times go to war, over their preference of what they want this new universe perceived as. Colorful, and full of life?

Or just... grey?
—author's comment

"FALLING GREY" is a song featuring CYBER SONGMAN by Monstrosity.


In the beginning
There was a time of the gods
In which everything was silent and grey
Everlasting in the darkness

There he rises, the destroyer
Hidden in the seething hate
There he rises, the destroyer
Out to reset the tiny world

Constructed Language Official English
Keratasa sei na grai'vu In this word of Keratasa
Sinzu ch'ke tanmi kairho The way of beasts must start anew.
Alami rrin atso tan'ma With colors unknown to any eye
Holo zei-ko Greyven yukie Holo and Greyven go to war.

Vei'lan ke rruyo "Keeper of shades and hues,"
Ban lai-jho nairei "The devourer of such progresses."
Che'iyu kanzzo "He keeps all for himself,"
Sei'lan Tanja'ba "And the monsters remain heartless."
Lak'wo kohlin'tai "To take back what's theirs."
Suzu seirru "With a soul of gold,"
SJei toko rru "She will strike out."

Lightning for the stars
Marks the battle ground
If you had lived then
You'd see a shattered sky

Ever fighting
Ever falling

and when the
Time of new is gone

When the time of life is grey...

Then the lights shone
Then the plants grew
The monsters roared
For the spectrum


Ever hoping for it to end
With the one who's golden
To strike out at the world eater
Colors beyond what you've ever seen

Brought to all the stars
In the void of the past
And thus the beauty of happiness
Has been painted a spectrum that we can see

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