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  • "Fables of Farewell"
Published January 31, 2013, for $13.00


"Fable of Farewell" (EmpathP feat. AVANNA x Hatsune Miku) is an album created by EmpathP. It consists of 26 tracks.

A limited edition 2 disk version was available, but is now sold out. It included a special handwritten 'thank you' note from EmpathP herself. Disk 1 contains all the vocal and remix tracks and Disk 2 contains all the karaoke versions of the tracks on the album. After these ran out the album was sold digitally. Pre-order included the digital album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the download was emailed the moment it was released. This album ships both nationally and internationally. [1]

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All tracks written by EmpathP, with arrangements by apol for tracks 1 and 17, CircusP for track 13, Azureflux for track 14, and nostraightanswer for track 15.
1."Rose + Thorn"AVANNA4:51
2."幼なじみにさよなら (Osananajimi ni Sayonara)" (Goodbye to a Childhood Friend)Hatsune Miku4:16
3."Eulogy for Abel"AVANNA2:51
4."Second Star"OLIVER5:17
5."Knot or Not?"Hatsune Miku, AVANNA3:55
7."8-bit bully"Hatsune Miku4:24
8."merry-go-round"Hatsune Miku4:39
9."信号で二人出会った (Shingou de Futari Deatta)" (The two met at the traffic light)Hatsune Miku, Namida2:43
10."Anonymous"nostraightanswer, EmpathP2:52
11."Leaving Donna"apol3:28
12."幼なじみにさよなら (Osananajimi ni Sayonara)" (Goodbye to a Childhood Friend (acoustic ver.))Yoru3:58
13."Rose + Thorn" (Circus-P Glitch Mix)AVANNA4:46
14."Leaving Donna" (Azureflux Remix)SeeU3:08
15."Anonymous" (Kenji-B Mix)nostraightanswer3:33
16."Rose + Thorn" (piano version)AVANNA (LEON)4:46
17."Rose + Thorn" (instrumental) 4:51
18."幼なじみにさよなら (Osananajimi ni Sayonara)" (Goodbye to a Childhood Friend (instrumental)) 4:16
19."Eulogy for Abel" (instrumental) 2:51
20."Second Star" (instrumental) 5:17
21."Knot or Not?" (instrumental) 3:55
22."Anonymous" (instrumental) 2:52
23."8-bit bully" (instrumental) 4:24
24."merry-go-round" (instrumental) 4:39
25."信号で二人出会った (Shingou de Futari Deatta)" (The two met at the traffic light (instrumental)) 2:43
26."Leaving Donna" (instrumental) 3:28
Total length:1:40:02



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