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Image of "Fallout"
Song title
  • "fallout"
Published November 20, 2015, with 850+ YouTube views
  • Caprice (music, lyrics, video)


EDIT: Wow, over 100 views overnight! @.@

Whee, a Dex original so soon~ I was waiting for his release, so I wrote a song for him, then put it in stand-by while waiting for his release. Now I have Dex and Daina~!

"fallout" is an original song by Caprice featuring DEX, along with MAIKA in the chorus.

It appears to be about a man lamenting someone dear to him.


As I comfort you
You sit there silently
“I don’t know why,
But she cannot say a word to you”
The doctor’s words pierce my heart

It hasn’t been very long
When you were fully normal
But now I see you declining into this
And I don’t know what to say

Both of us speechless
For two different reasons
I try to comprehend what’s going on

But both of us feel
The same on the inside
Despite everything trying to rip us apart

Day by day, it changed
‘Til you could barely stand
“I don’t know why,
But her bones are suffering a lot”
The doctor’s words reminded me

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