A figurine is a statuette. In this case they come in the form of official VOCALOIDs, such as Crypton's Hatsune Miku.

Figurine manufacturersEdit

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Various companies have produced figurines in relation to the VOCALOID franchise. They vary from official licensed merchandise from companies such as Good Smile company or notable producers such as Max Factory. Other companies that have provided at least one or two figurines of other VOCALOIDs are Aquamarine, Griffon Enterprises, Milestone, Phat Company, Stronger, and Pulchra.

Types of figurinesEdit

There are three kinds of figures for most VOCALOID merchandise: PVC, Figma and Nendoroid figures.

  • PVC figures have only one fixed pose and usually possess extreme detail. Currently, many VOCALOID PVC figures are in 1/8 scale and are all made by Good Smile Company.
  • Figma figures, made by Max Factory, can be poseable and has a variety of body parts which can be interchangeable, offering a wide range of looks for the character.
  • Nendoroid figures, made by Good Smile Company, depict the characters in chibi form and can either be poseable or fixed. Nendoroid Petites are often of the fixed types.
  • Exceptions to the three include: Resin and garage kits, vinyl, dolls, and paper figures, which are usually produced by solo artisans or by a company that specializes in such figures for licensing purposes.


Prize FairEdit

Prize Fair (プライズフェア, puraizufea) is an annual event held in Japan, in which a convention by makers of arcade game prizes showcase their upcoming products for the year.[1]


Treasure Festa is a convention that revolves around Garage Kits – resin figures made by fans (not official and not mass produced) that are usually sold in parts and without paint.[2][3]


The Tokyo Wonder Festival (ワンダーフェスティバル, wandaa festivaru), or Wonfes (ワンフェス, wanfesu) for short, is a bi-annual event to display and sell "garage kits", which are sculptures that usually replicate anime and game characters, but also popular mecha/sci-fi characters and creatures.. These models are extremely detail oriented, and many of these sculptures appear in very small quantities due to the amateur nature of their reproduction. Unusually skilled artisans are promoted specifically during the "wonder showcase" (WSC), in which their works are given special attention and limited quantities of their masterpieces are sold for high prices to avid collectors. It also showcases future releases by major toy companies.

Guides: Identifying counterfeit productsEdit

Below is a list of guides on how to identify fake figures:


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