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A figures are a statuette. In this case they come in the form of official VOCALOID characters.


FiguStnd Lily

Lily from anim.o.v.e. :: Manufactured by Phat! :: Sculpted by YOSHI (とれぱんぐ)

Various companies have produced figurines in relation to the VOCALOID franchise. They vary from official licensed merchandise from companies such as Good Smile company or notable producers such as Max Factory. Other companies that have provided at least one or two figurines of other VOCALOIDs are Aquamarine, Griffon Enterprises, Milestone, Phat Company, Stronger, and Pulchra.

Different events such as Prize Fair, Treasure-Fest, and Wonderfest allow amateur artisans to showcase their works that replicate characters featured in anime, games, and also popular sci-fi characters, mecha, and creatures.


  • Scale figures are one fixed pose figurines and usually possess extreme detail. (Gallery)
    • Vinyl figures are made of vinyl material and come in a fixed pose.
    • Garage kit figures are made by amateur artisans using resin and often sold during convention events. Given that they are fanmade there are limited releases, although some are picked up and released by larger companies with more official ties.
  • Action figures are made with articulated joints and can be posed. (Gallery)
    • figma figures are a Max Factory series with articulated joints, they can be posed and come with a variety of extra expressions and limbs which can be interchangeable, offering a wide range of looks for the character. (Gallery)
    • Doll figures are articulated fashion dolls.
  • Nendoroid figures are a Good Smile Company chibi series with articulated joints. There are sub versions of the series such as "Petit" which are fixed posed figurines and "Plus" which focuses on accessories. (Gallery)
  • Papercraft figures have printed images of a character, they are made with cardstock (or other thick paper materials) and are often meant to be assembled by the purchaser. (Gallery)

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