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  • "filozofio"
  • English: philosophy
Published February 27, 2009, with 208,500+ Niconico views and 11,000+ piapro views

Background[edit | edit source]

"filozofio" is a song featuring Megurine Luka by Pandolist-P. The song tells of a world in which everything except the singer and the sky was black. It is Pandolist-P's first original song with Luka. The lyrics were written in Japanese first and translated into Russian using Google Translate. The voicebank used is the Japanese, not the English.

Succeeding versions[edit | edit source]

filozofio -Другой-
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Translation filozofio -Drugoj- (philosophy -Another-)
Megurine Luka
Categories Succeeding version
An extended version 8:35 in length. It was uploaded in response to filozofio entering the Hall of Fame, and has more views than the original.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Russian (Русский текст)[note 1] Romanization (Романизация)
Мир был черно-белым. Mir byl cherno-belym.
Только небо синее. Tol'ko nebo sinee.
Черные люди и животные в здание, я был единственным белым. Chernye lyudi i zhivotnye v zdanie, ya byl edinstvennym belym.
Был один. Byl odin.

Below is an official Japanese translation: via Producer. Amendments may have been made to the original translation.
Original Romanized
白と黒の世界でした。 Shiro to kuro no sekai deshita.
空だけが青色でした。 Sora kara dake ga aoiro deshita.
建物も人も動物も真っ黒で、私だけが白でした。[note 2] Tatemono mo hito mo dōbutsu mo makkuro de, watashi dake ga shiro deshita.
一人でした。 Hitori deshita.


Derivatives[edit | edit source]

NekoShey ft. cover IA
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NekoShey (cover), Amakura (illust)
Categories VOCALOID cover
arachnid ft. cover Alice
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Alice Ouka -Spiraea-
arachnid (cover), 洗濯物 (UST), Oriko (illust)
Categories UTAU cover

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The original lyrics were written in Japanese. The author used the Google translator and put the lyrics into Russian.
  2. This phrase is asserted by the author. However, the accurate Japanese phrase which corresponds the Russian phrase should be 黒い人と動物が建物の中にいて、私だけが白でした。 This inconsistency comes from the misinterpretation by the Google Translate. Also see note 1.

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