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Image of "Four Endings"
Series title
  • "四つの終末"
  • Romaji: Yottsu no Shuumatsu
  • English: Four Endings
Published May 9, 2010

The Four Endings Series (四つの終末 Yottsu no Shuumatsu) is a seires of songs made by mothy, also known as Akuno-P. It consists of four songs, tieing into the four last things.

All the songs are album exclusives, featured on EVILS FOREST, EVILS COURT, The Muzzle of Nemesis, and master of the heavenly yard.


The series focuses on "The four final things" which are ways that the world will end in, and "The Masters" who are meant to put those endings into action.

Death Judgment Hell Heaven
Master of Graveyard
Master of the Graveyard
Master of the Court
Master of the Court
Master of Hellish Yard
Master of the Hellish Yard
Master of Heavely Yard
Master of the Heavenly Yard

The series is tied to Clockwork Lullaby and Judgment of Corruption and is a part of The Evillious Chronicles. It's a bit lesser know due to all its songs being album exclusives, however, Mothy has confirmed that he will release a PV for the last song "master of the heavenly yard".


master of the graveyard

Uploaded May 9, 2010 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, MEIKO (chorus)
Music mothy Main article master of the graveyard
Lyrics mothy
The song is sung by Hänsel and Gretel. They demand that all bows to their great master, namely "The Master of the Graveyard". They tell that she was reborn as the "King of the Undead".

As intruders walk in, they are captured by the servants and the questioned by the master on how they want to be eaten. The servants then declares that the end of all is upon them, but they'll keep partying until that day comes.

master of the court

EVILS COURT album.png
Uploaded August 13, 2011 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music mothy Main article master of the court
Lyrics mothy
Clockworker's Doll has been tasked, or atleast she believes so, to judge the living for their sins and send them to hell. She wonders if it's truly the right thing to do and asks her later "father", Gallerian Marlon, for guidence, saying that she can't understand anything, since she has no heart.

Gammon Octo, the gardener, is trying to warn her that the end is upon them and her actions will do no good but Ma agrues againts him and the doll, not knowing who to trust, keeps swinging the gavel without knowing what she's doing. She asks her father to help her once again, as she's uncertain that utopia will even be created.

master of the hellish yard

Nemesis no Juukou album.jpeg
Uploaded August 17, 2014 Featuring GUMI
Music mothy Main article master of the hellish yard
Lyrics mothy
Video The Muzzle of Nemesis
Nemesis Sudou stands holding a weapon of mass destruction in her hands and is about to activate it. She plans to destoy the sin that was split in seven. Believing the world it inhabits to be hell itself, she declares herself "The Master of the Hellish Yard", an authority in the Levin religion that is meant to punish people.

Nemesis later reveals herself to have become a dictator with the intent to destroy all life on the planet. As she fires her weapon, someone mutters they they're all "sons of bitches".

master of the heavenly yard

Uploaded August 11, 2017 (album) Featuring Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin, MEIKO, Hatsune Miku
Music mothy Main article master of the heavenly yard
Lyrics mothy
Video Ichika (illust)

Related Songs[]

終末少年ヘンゼル (Shuumatsu Shounen Hänsel)

Uploaded March 19, 2014 (download) Featuring Kagamine Len
Music mothy Main article 終末少年ヘンゼル (Shuumatsu Shounen Hänsel)
Lyrics mothy
Video Yuu (illust)
A song depticing lives and deaths of Hänsel. It recounts him killing his parents in his first life, serving Duke Conchita in his second, being the son of Santa Claus in his third and how his true colors is the one to choose which way the world will end in.

In the song the masters are lined up and what their respective ending will lead to.
Graveyard enging: Everyone gets eaten
Court ending: Everyone gets judged
Hellish Yard ending: Everyone is punished
Heavenly Yard ending: Everyone is forgiven and utopia is made

10分の恋 (Juppun no Koi)

Uploaded February 28, 2008 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music mothy Main article 10分の恋 (Juppun no Koi)
Lyrics mothy
Video Taa (illust)
This song takes place after the events of the master of the heavenly yard in the fourth period. A girl named Rin rides a bus along with a the boy she has a crush on, too shy to tell him how she feels, but still enjoys the ten minutes they spend together every day.

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