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Song title
  • "Freaky Sheep"
Published 2003—04

Background[edit | edit source]

"Freaky Sheep" is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it was available as a free download on Zero-G.

Production details[edit | edit source]

An abstract avant garde piece of rhythmic vocal sculpture (or to put it another way, weird) that illustrates how easy it is to explore new sonic territory with Vocaloid. Written, programmed and produced by Joe Hogan. Who did Joe get to sing what? Basically its 50/50 between the two singers. The harmonised stereo delay arpeggio type thing at the start is LOLA on the left and LEON on the right. The offbeat "sha" that comes in is both singers, again panned left and right. The "sar" bassline is Lola (way below her natural range!). The "ah, ah, ah, ah, ah" 4-part block chords figure contains two of each singer. The really high pitched tune that comes in at 0:24s is LEON (way above his range!). The whispered "taka-taka" thing that can be heard clearly at 0:33s is LEON, and that kind of bassy pitched kick-drum type sound that happens at the same time is also LEON. Switching between singers during a sequence is easy with Vocaloid.

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