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A fellow companion has found the cartographer. Now she must guide him to the right path....
—author comment


I am here
Daughter of Air
Our strengths will help us climb the endless stairs

Use your light
Son of the Stars
Help guide your people and reclaim what’s ours

Follow close
don’t go too far
The fog will take your sight from who you are

Do not fear
Bringer of peace
We’ll fight the darkness with enlightened steel

This road we travel may be long
But you’re not alone
You’re not alone

The demons within ourselves are strong
But we’re not alone
We’re not alone

Because you have me all along

(Chorus x2)

Because I have you all along

I am here
Daughter of Air
Don’t shed a tear for me you’ll make it there

Use your light
Son of the Stars
Even without me, you can make it far

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