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G.K, also known as rest or stay?, hwaken, BANQO., QUERUX, and Hato-p (ハトP), is a Chinese VOCALOID producer who is the director of audio for the Vanguard Sound group. He was described to have profound music production and recording skills, and was noted to specialize in electronic music. He was the former developer of Shanghai HENIAN Information Technology Co. Ltd.'s Luo Tianyi.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[sc][5s] "Starting Line" Luo Tianyi September 21, 2012 music
[bb][yt][sc][sc][5s] "Pinocchio" Luo Tianyi December 3, 2012 mixing
[sc][5s] "miRage" Luo Tianyi January 23, 2013 compose
[sc][5s] "三原色 " Luo Tianyi January 26, 2013 mixing
[bb][yt][sc][sc][5s] "Evolution" Luo Tianyi February 6, 2013 mixing
[sc][5s] "Glitcher" Luo Tianyi February 20, 2013 music
[→][yt] "夜舞" Luo Tianyi V4 July 24, 2016 compose, arrange



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
VOCALOID CHINA "DanceDanceDance" Luo Tianyi December 24, 2012 compose, mixing
Vanguard Sound "Dual Sight" Hatsune Miku, IA, Aoki Lapis, Luo Tianyi August 10, 2013 compose, lyrics
Vsinger "Lost in Tianyi" Luo Tianyi March 1, 2019 compose, arrange, lyrics, tuning