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|image = Marz.png
|image = Marz.png
|content =
|content =
# c e n t i p e d e (Yohioloid, Oliver) (Sep.24.2014) '''Original upload unavailable'''
# c e n t i p e d e (Yohioloid, Oliver) (Sep.24.2014) '''Original upload unavailable, remake coming soon'''
# Paradox Riddle (Megpoid English) (Oct.5.2014)
# Paradox Riddle (Megpoid English) (Oct.5.2014)
# F☺☺lish (Megpoid English) (Oct.16.2014) '''Original upload unavailable'''
# F☺☺lish (Megpoid English) (Oct.16.2014) '''Original upload unavailable, remake coming soon'''
# Remains (Oliver) (Dec.13.2014)
# Remains (Oliver) (Dec.13.2014)
# Chaos Theory (Chika) (Dec.23.2014)
# Chaos Theory (Chika) (Dec.23.2014)

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Marz Mitzi is a producer, known for their unique and different song style, using a variety of Vocaloids. They also own Chipspeech.
STATUS:October 5, 2014 → Hiatus


WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. c e n t i p e d e (Yohioloid, Oliver) (Sep.24.2014) Original upload unavailable, remake coming soon
  2. Paradox Riddle (Megpoid English) (Oct.5.2014)
  3. F☺☺lish (Megpoid English) (Oct.16.2014) Original upload unavailable, remake coming soon
  4. Remains (Oliver) (Dec.13.2014)
  5. Chaos Theory (Chika) (Dec.23.2014)
  6. Of Kings and Queens (Megpoid English, Yohioloid) (Jan.6.2015)
  7. 愛【Remix】(Chika) (Feb.13.2015)
  8. Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package (Yohioloid, Cyber Diva) (Feb.28.2015)
  9. TODAY (Defoko) (May.3.2015)

Songs / Featured Works

Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package

Uploaded February 28, 2015 Featuring Yohioloid and Cyber Diva
Music Marz Mitzi Main article Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package
Lyrics Marz Mitzi
Video Marz Mitzi (illust)
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