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===Past Works===
{{Main|/Works, 2014|/Works, 2015|/Works, 2016}}
===Current Works===
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GHOST, also known as GHOST and Pals (formerly Marz Mitzi and Ghostie), is an illustrator, music producer and video editor whose songs utilized vocal synthesizers such as VOCALOID or CeVIO. They are known for their unique musical style.


Past Works

Main articles: /Works, 2014, /Works, 2015, and /Works, 2016

Current Works

Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[yt] "c e n t i p e d e" YOHIOloid, OLIVER September 24, 2014 producer
[yt] "Paradox Riddle" GUMI English October 5, 2014 producer
[yt] "F☺☺lish" GUMI English October 16, 2014 producer
[yt][sc] "INTERSTELL∆R" Kagamine Rin Append Sweet October 16, 2014 illust
[yt][nn][sc][bc] "Regular" YOHIOloid October 30, 2014 rendering
[yt] "Remains" OLIVER December 13, 2014 music, lyrics
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[yt] "Of Kings and Queens" GUMI English and YOHIOloid January 6, 2015 producer
[yt][nn][sc][bc] "" Chika February 8, 2015 tuning
[yt] "Korozashisakae's Mysterious Package" YOHIOloid and CYBER DIVA February 28, 2015 producer
[yt] "ode to bub beep" YOHIOloid and OLIVER April 1, 2015 music, lyrics, pv
[yt] "Goth Moth, Brudder, and the Cries of the Woodwind-Legged Folk" OLIVER, YOHIOloid, and Prima August 8, 2015 art, pv
Favicon-yt "HOUSEWIFE RADIO" GUMI August 24, 2015 music, lyrics, illust
[yt] "When I Fell" GUMI English December 12, 2015 music, lyrics, illust
[yt][vl][sc] "COLORBARS" Fukase English February 28, 2016 producer
[yt][sc] "Substandard Symphony" RUBY April 3, 2016 tuning, harmonies
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "ROTARY DIAL" DAINA April 21, 2016 producer
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "BLACK & WHITE" DEX May 30, 2016 producer
[yt] "evoLve" RUBY June 2, 2016 producer
[yt][sc] "REGRET" DEX June 18, 2016 illust, PV
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "The Things I Deserve" MAIKA June 21, 2016 producer
Favicon-yt Favicon-yt "HOUSEWIFE RADIO" GUMI July 19, 2016 music, lyrics, illust
[yt] "The Abnormality" DEX and AVANNA August 4, 2016 producer
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "Star of the Show" Macne Nana September 3, 2016 producer
[yt][sc] "Whisper My Nothings" DEX September 8, 2016 illust, pv
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "Amygdala's Rag Doll" OLIVER October 19, 2016 producer
[yt][sc][bc] "HYPERDONTIA" V4 flower November 7, 2016 music, lyrics, VSQx, illust
[yt][vl][sc] "BROADCAST ILLUSION" Fukase English December 21, 2016 producer
[yt] "it's dark!" OLIVER, Fukase, Kagamine Len V4 English, Utatane Piko January 29, 2017 music, lyrics, illust
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "Two of a Kind" Otomachi Una February 4, 2017 music, lyrics, pv
[yt][nn][sc][bc] "Don't Touch Me" KAITO V3 English February 18, 2017 illust
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "The Distortionist" YOHIOloid April 9, 2017 music, lyrics, illust, pv
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "Happy Days" MAIKA May 17, 2017 producer
[yt][bc] "NOVOCAINE" v4 flower June 26, 2017 music, lyics, tuning, illust
[yt] "Entomologists" Hatsune Miku V4 English July 14, 2017 producer
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "Appetite of a People-Pleaser" v4 flower September 21, 2017 music, lyrics, illust, pv
[yt] "f*ck it" Hatsune Miku V4 English November 2, 2017 music, lyrics, illust
[yt][bc] "Candle Queen" GUMI English November 6, 2017 music, tuning, mixing, illust, pv
[yt][sc][bc] "Animalistic" DAINA December 31, 2017 tuning
[yt][vl][sc][bc] "アイオライトに" LUMi April 25, 2018 music, lyrics, pv
[yt] "i eat eyes" Hatsune Miku English December 3, 2018 music, lyrics, illust
[yt][yt][sc][bc] "Something Changed" GUMI December 14, 2018 tuning
[yt][nn][vl][sc][bc] "Those Who Carried On" YOHIOloid and GUMI English January 11, 2019 music, lyrics, illust
Favicon-yt "The Chattering Lack of Common Sense" GUMI, YOHIOloid May 2, 2019 music, lyrics, illust
[yt][nn][vl][sc][bc] "Honey I'm Home" DEX August 18, 2019 music, lyrics, illust, pv



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
Independent "The Abnormality" AVANNA and DEX August 4, 2016
Independent "Star of the Show" Macne Nana English September 3, 2016
Independent "Amygdala's Rag Doll" OLIVER October 19, 2016
Independent "HYPERDONTIA" flower January 12, 2017
Independent "Two of a Kind" Otomachi Una February 5, 2017
Independent "The Distortionist" YOHIOloid April 10, 2017
Independent "Happy Days" MAIKA May 18, 2017
Independent "NOVOCAINE" flower June 26, 2017
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