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Album title
Published November 5, 2014, for ¥2,000
  • mikito-P (producer)
  • keeno (music, lyrics)
  • tomoboP (engineering, mixing, mastering)
  • Matt Newman (drums)
  • 456 (album art)


"GOOD SCHOOL GIRL" is mikito-P's second album released by EXIT TUNES. The songs are sung by Hatsune Miku, GUMI, MAYU, Kagamine Rin, SF-A2 miki, and IA. The album contains 10 tracks and a bonus track by Mikino (Mikito-P x keeno). Tracks 4 and 10 are cover songs.

Preceding and succeeding albums[]

Track listing[]

All tracks written by mikito-P, with additional music and lyrics by keeno for track 11.

1."まとい (Matoi)" (Clad)Hatsune Miku5:20
2."バレリーコ (Barerii Ko)" (Ballerina Girl)GUMI4:06
3."You are エイビー (You are AB)"MAYU4:12
4."文字恋 (Moji Koi)" (Character Love)GUMI4:21
5."柑橘ネコぱんち (Kankitsu Neko Punch)" (Citrus Cat Punch)Kagamine Rin3:54
6."エンドロールに僕の名前をいれないで (Endroll ni Boku no Namae o Irenaide)" (Don't Put My Name in the Credits)Hatsune Miku3:44
7."からふる日和 (Colorful Biyori)" (Colorful Weather)SF-A2 miki4:45
8."しゃったーちゃんす (Shutter Chance)"IA4:21
9."Good School Girl"SF-A2 miki5:16
10."夏の半券 (Natsu no Hanken)" (Summer Ticket Stub)Hatsune Miku5:36
11."同級生 (Doukyuusei)" (Classmates)Hatsune Miku4:52
Total length:50:27

Other media appearances[]

Exclusive goods[]

The limited edition version of the album includes a bonus DVD featuring 4 music videos for "Matoi", "Natsu no Hanken", "Shutter Chance", and "Barerii Ko". A guitar pick featuring Mikitamago, illustrated by Tomaeda, was included with the album in limited quanities. A B2 poster of the album's cover art by 456 is included when purchasing the album in-store.

Specific stores provide something extra with a purchase of the album.

  • Animate: A special CD featuring remixes of "Shutter Chance" and "Good School Girl", arranged and sung by mikito-P.
  • Animega-Bunkyodo: An A4 clearfile featuring an illustration of Mikitamago by Tomaeda.
  • Toranoana: An alternate jacket cover with a signature and comment from mikito-P. A special card featuring said signature and comment could be won via lottery.
  • TOWER RECORDS: Two postcards with illustrations by 456 and Tomaeda.
  • TSUTAYA RECORDS: A special CD featuring remixes of "Natsu no Hanken" and "Good School Girl", arranged and sung by mikito-P.


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