GaGain (가Gain, 가게인) is a Korean producer who's been active since 2011. He specializes in Pop, K-Pop, Techno, and R&B. "I Only Speak Konglish" is his most notable work and is one of the most notable SeeU originals ever released.

Works[edit | edit source]

Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[yt] "홍시송" SeeU November 23, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "따라리라" SeeU November 23, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt][sc] "I Only Speak Konglish" SeeU December 15, 2011 music, lyrics
[yt][yt] "아리랑" SeeU January 13, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "알에서 깨어나는 병아리를 위해" SeeU January 24, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "CU Tomorrow" SeeU February 7, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "자존심" SeeU February 9, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "HappyX2 Birthday" SeeU March 19, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "아카펠라카다브라" SeeU June 7, 2012 music, lyrics, V3 editor
[yt] "Delete" SeeU November 12, 2012 guitar
[yt] "와카노 the Busanloid" SeeU December 7, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "LINE OF FIRE" SeeU December 7, 2012 music, lyrics
[yt] "고백" SeeU December 21, 2012 music, guitar, lyrics
[yt] "봄이 지나" SeeU August 30, 2017 guitar

Albums[edit | edit source]

Compilations[edit | edit source]

Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
SBS Artech & {{wp|Big Hit Entertainment}} "SV01 SeeU's Compilation Album" SeeU October 19, 2012 (Korea); October 29, 2012 (Japan) music, lyrics
VOCALOID CHINA "梦的七次方" Luo Tianyi December 24, 2012 music
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