galaco SUPER BEST (release version called "galaco NEW SUPER BEST") is a Galaco exclusive album featuring popular producers and released by Stardust Music, Inc.. The album features new songs as well as older songs released with galaco. It was announced that galaco NEW SUPER BEST will include a new album jacket as well new songs.

A mini crossfade of the album as available to view on YouTube.

The album can be ordered from Amazon.

The official site is located here.

Released December 18th, 2013 (originally during Shibasaki Kou's Live Tour)
Producer Various
Price ¥2500 (originally ¥2000)
Illust. KEI
Label Stardust Music, Inc.
Track list
1. トリノアイウタ(galaco ver.)
Tori no Ai Uta / The Bird's Love Song
DECO*27 feat. galaco
2. Brain
TeddyLoid feat. galaco
3. soldier
EHAMIC feat. galaco
4. G.G.B
Otomania feat. galaco
5. I'm Happy Girl
Kagome-P feat. galaco
6. 僕らとケプラー
Bokura to Kepler
Kobayashi Onyx feat. galaco
7. ギャラギャラ☆スペシャルハッピーナイト
Gala Gala☆Special Happy Night
samfree feat. galaco
8. メイプリ
Chom-P feat. galaco
9. ワンダーワームホール
Wonder Worm Hall
monaca:factory feat. galaco
10. drama
baker feat. galaco
11. ブルームーン
Blue Moon
Peperon-P feat. galaco
12. ビコーズ・レコーズ
Because Records
Yuuyu-P feat. galaco
13. 十七歳の死神
Juushichisai no Shinigami / Seventeen-year-old God of Death
Akibawota-P feat. galaco
14. どんどん♪ぎゃらくしぃ!
Don Don♪Galaxy!
nami (Oyakata-P) feat. galaco
15. ワンダーランド
KASANE feat. galaco
16. 未来Treasure
Mirai Treasure
Gingahoumen-P feat. galaco
17. 嗚呼良い上を
Aa Ii Ue wo
Hidarigawa Slash feat. galaco
18. hello,world -Relative Mix
Wanwan-P feat. galaco
Uchisawa Takahito feat. galaco (Blue)
20. ルージュの伝言
Rouge no Dengoto
Matsutoya Yumi feat. Galaco
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