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  • "gift nor art"
Published November 28, 2012, with 234,500+ Niconico views and 393,700+ YouTube views


"gift nor art" is a trance song by Hanasoumen-P, with lyrics by chu-ji. It is over six minutes long and is best known for its accompanying music video, which took Tripshots about a year to create. Tripshots had first hinted about the "gift nor art" video on his website in spring 2012, along with glimpses of the Miku model Tripshots created specifically for the video.

The PV is often compared to Tripshot's previous work: "Nebula", showing a significant change of style and animation quality . Both songs share similar themes; like "Nebula", "gift nor art" features these messages written in the video:

  • reproduction
  • a lost version – you are not the chosen one
  • Created by Sound
  • The significance of existence undefined.
  • Created by longing.
  • She had unlimited possibilities.
  • Through technology, machines are allowed reproduction.
  • machine – organism convergent evolution
  • She was created.
  • She gains strength through our desire.
  • Through connections with others, living creatures recognize their existence.
  • Exceed the bounds of your imagination.

"gift nor art" has entered the Hall of Fame. It is featured on Tripshots Artworks PRODUCT No.02.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
名前を失うのを恐れて namae o ushinau no o osorete
”誰かの誰か”になるお姫様 dareka no dareka ni naru ohimesama
耳元で   笑う mimimoto de warau
意味を問い 騙る imi o toi, kataru
――得欠いてきたものは 何色だろう –egaitekita mono wa naniro darou

説明を飾るくらいなら monogatari o kazaru kurai nara
望まれた嘘の方が美しい nozomareta uso no hou ga utsukushii
見るものは 違う miru mono wa tagau
意識すら  戯る ishiki sura azaru
言葉遊びで区別した幻 kotoba asobi de waketa maboroshi

to know why to know why
この瞳が何故 君を―― kono me ga naze, kimi o–
個々を映すのか koko o utsu no ka
none nor all none nor all
理由を訴う ずっと wake o utau, zutto
「私」であるように watashi de aru youni
unplot out unplot out

stay a while stay a while
この絵が褪せ いつか kono e ga ase, itsuka
そのままになっても sono mama ni nattemo
name nor word name nor word
ここにいるよ ずっと koko ni iru yo, zutto
「私」を描いて―― watashi o egaite–
unplot world unplot world

all is fled
seize the right
systems are down
unplot out



  • At 3:07 into the video, it's possible to witness Hanasoumen-P's personal avatar, a green octopus-like creature, floating among the orbs which merge into a black sphere.

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