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Ginsuke (ぎんすけ), also known as DJ Ginsuke, Rin, Ocelot, SiSTEMA, ぎん, Margay, Function Phantom, and Thinktec, is a Vocaloid producer who specializes in various styles of electronic music. He primarily uses Hatsune Miku (including Appends) and Megurine Luka, but occasionally uses Kagamine Rin and Macne Nana. Additionally, Ginsuke is an active member of the Touhou remixing scene.
STATUS:2009 → Active
GENRE:EDM, dubstep/drumstep, brostep, trap
OFFICIAL:Blog, Website
URL(s)Social media: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter
Video hosts: Niconico, YouTube
Music: Muzie, Piapro, TmBox, SoundCloud
PLAYLIST(s):(Nico Nico / YouTube)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Blunder Girl" (Miku) (Mar.13.2009)
  2. "Distorted Love" (Luka) (Apr.05.2009)
  3. "Blunder Girl -Full ver.-" (Miku) (Apr.12.2009)
  4. "Sailing Life" (Miku) (Apr.12.2009)
  5. "take me to the night" (Luka) (Apr.13.2009)
  6. "UKMK" (Miku) (Apr.14.2009)
  7. "Freestyle" (Luka) (Apr.18.2009)
  8. "The Future Radio" (Miku) (Apr.18.2009)
  9. "Platinum" (Miku) (Apr.22.2009)
  10. "Lost my Heart -Revenge Mix-" (Luka) (Apr.22.2009)
  11. "Pupin' Drops" (Miku) (Apr.23.2009)
  12. "The Future Radio -Full ver.-" (Miku) (Apr.27.2009)
  13. "XTC" (Luka) (Apr.30.2009)
  14. "The Future Radio -pure2step remix-" (Miku) (May.09.2009)
  15. "Rain of Velka" (Luka) (May.12.2009)
  16. "Goodbye" (Miku) (May.18.2009)
  17. "Unlimited" (Luka) (Jun.13.2009)
  18. "Green Apple -Radio edit-" (Miku) (Jun.15.2009)
  19. "Pure" (Luka) (Jun.19.2009)
  20. "Freestyle -extend-" (Luka) (Jul.15.2009)
  21. "Cold Storm" (Miku) (Aug.19.2009)
  22. "3D-GAME" (Miku) (Aug.25.2009)
  23. "Damsels in Distress and Wings of Freedom" (Miku) (Sep.11.2009)
  24. "SiSTEM-A(Systematic EP)" (Luka) (Sep.15.2009)
  25. "2 hours Waiting Girl" (Rin) (Oct.03.2009)
  26. "Green Apple" (Miku) (Oct.03.2009)
  27. "Distorted Love - Bassline House mix" (Luka) (Oct.11.2009)
  28. "Stella" (Miku) (Jan.04.2011)
  29. "SiSTEMATiC CONTROL" (Luka) (Feb.14.2010)
  30. "Glockes remix" (Miku) (Feb.14.2010)
  31. "Antena - Radio edit" (Miku) (May.02.2010)
  32. "Optical Ares" (Miku) (May.18.2010)
  33. "Distorted Love - Club Extend mix" (Luka) (Jul.06.2010)
  34. "TSUBASA" (Miku) (Aug.04.2010)
  35. "Distance of Two" (Miku) (Aug.28.2010)
  36. "Muscat of Everlasting Summer" (Miku) (Aug.29.2010)
  37. "The Future Radio - 2020 Diva edit" (Miku) (Sep.06.2010)
  38. "Danca de Amor - para DIVA" (Miku) (Oct.03.2010)
  39. "Distorted Love - distorted love mix" (Luka) (Jun.29.2011)
  40. "Neko-des" (Miku) (Dec.16.2011)
  41. "Freestyle Pt.2" (Luka) (Dec.16.2011)
  42. "Strobe Nights - Yosuke silver remix" (Miku) (Feb.26.2012)
  43. "Modulator + Carrier - Ocelot remix" (Miku) (Feb.29.2012)
  44. "Gentle Despair" (Miku) (May.30.2012)
  45. "The Dubstep Soldiers at the Front" (Miku) (Sep.29.2012)
  46. "Country of All Ages and Countries Wonderland" (Miku) (Dec.29.2012)
  47. "Dystopia" (Miku) (Jan.28.2013)
  48. "Negative Thinking" (Miku) (Mar.26.2013)
  49. "IROHA" (Miku) (Jun.08.2013)
  50. "YADA!!" (Miku) (Jul.18.2013)
  51. "ENISHI" (Miku) (Sep.07.2013)
  52. "YADA!!(motto)" (Miku) (Sep.29.2013)
  53. "KAEDE" (Miku) (Arrange cover) (Sep.29.2013)
  54. "Negative"Harder"Thinking" (Miku Append) (Nov.06.2013)
  55. "Carmine Cube" (Miku) (Nov.06.2013)
  56. "Universe" (Miku) (Nov.13.2013)
  57. "Oriental Mind" (Miku) (Nov.23.2013)
  58. "Terrors" (Miku) (Nov.23.2013)
  59. "Cosmos" (Miku) (Nov.27.2013)
  60. "Alone" (Miku) (Dec.12.2013)
  61. "KUSOGE-" (Miku) (Jan.27.2014)
  62. "Green Apple" (Nana) (Feb.08.2014)
  63. "IROHA(common)" (Nana) (Feb.10.2014)
  64. "ENISHI(tsugu)" (Nana) (Feb.10.2014)
  65. "Negative Incident" (Miku) (Feb.16.2014)
  66. "Ocelot Dubstep mix 20140220" (Feb.19.2014)
  67. "Ryuu no Se ni Notte" (Nana) (Feb.24.2014)
  68. "I hate you" (Miku English) (Feb.25.2014)
  69. "Senbonzakura - Ocelot Style Neo Japanesque mix" (Miku) (Feb.27.2014)
  70. "TOKOSHIE" (Miku) (Mar.07.2014)
  71. "Utopia" (Luka) (Mar.14.2014)
  72. "AINU" (Nana) (Mar.28.2014)
  73. "Fool Definition" (Miku) (May.14.2014)
  74. "Sunday" (Miku) (May.28.2014)
  75. "Worthless" (Miku) (Jun.04.2014)
  76. "Self Collapse" (Nana) (Jun.04.2014)
  77. "Decadent" (Miku) (Jun.04.2014)
  78. "Vrosteroid" (Nana) (Jun.27.2014)
  79. "Minus" (Miku) (Jun.27.2014)
  80. "Desire" (Nana) (Dec.30.2014)
  81. "Border Incident" (Miku Solid) (Jan.13.2015)
  82. "Drops" (Miku) (Jan.15.2015)
  83. "Era" (Miku) (Mar.25.2015)
  84. "Echo" (Rin) (Mar.26.2015)
  85. "Loop - Ocelot Remix" (Miku) (Apr.11.2015)
  86. "Be Furious" (Miku) (Apr.16.2015)
  87. "Tritely" (Miku) (May.01.2015)
  88. "Kind of Mind" (Miku) (May.15.2015)
  89. "Ethic" (Miku) (Jul.21.2015)
  90. "Words" (Miku) (Sep.01.2015)
  91. "Night Vision" (Miku Dark) (Oct.20.2015)
  92. "Not Alive" (Miku Dark) (Nov.04.2015)
  93. "HOMURA" (Miku) (Dec.23.2015)
  94. "Spring Equinox" (Miku) (Apr.02.2016)
  95. "Internet Gang" (Miku Append) (Apr.09.2016)
  96. "Pray For You" (Nana) (Apr.25.2016)
  97. "Neko" (Nana) (June.12.2016)
  98. "Voice" (Miku) (June.17.2016)
  99. "Recollect" (Miku) (June.17.2016)
  100. "Oneself" (Luka) (Jul.22.2016)
  101. "Gossip" (Miku) (Aug.03.2016)
  102. "Middle Age" (Miku Sweet) (Aug.12.2016)
  103. "Secret Place" (Miku) (Sep.23.2016)
  104. "Kyuuseiki Kagaku no Utopia" (Nana) (Jan.11.2017)
  105. "UTSUSEMI" (Nana) (Jul.18.2017)
  106. "Dekisokonai no I Love You" (Nana Petit) (Sep.12.2017)
  107. "Enclosed Voice" (Miku) (May.21.2020)

Songs/Featured Works[]

Distorted Love

Uploaded 2009.05.06 Featuring Megurine Luka
Music Ginsuke Main article Distorted Love
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Ginsuke
Ginsuke's first released work to be sung by Luka.

The Dubstep Soldiers at the Front

Uploaded 2009.09.29 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Ginsuke Main article The Dubstep Soldiers at the Front
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Ginsuke
An aggressive-sounding dubstep track.

IROHA (song)

Uploaded 2013.06.08 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Ginsuke Main article IROHA (song)
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Shinri Hizumi (illust)


Uploaded 2013.07.18 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music Ginsuke Main article YADA!!
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Ginsuke
An original moombahton work.

龍の背に乗って (Ryuu no Se ni Notte)

Uploaded 2014.02.24 Featuring Macne Nana
Music Ginsuke Main article 龍の背に乗って (Ryuu no Se ni Notte)
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Ginsuke
An electropop song about a girl with a hard life who dreams of traveling the world on the back of a dragon.


Favicon-nn.pngofficial(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2014.03.28 Featuring Macne Nana
Music Ginsuke Main article AINU
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Ginsuke
A dubstep song noted to have a "warm" sound to it.

Desire (Ginsuke song)

Favicon-nn.pngofficial(Refresh if 'Oh no!')
Uploaded 2014.12.30 Featuring Macne Nana
Music Ginsuke Main article Desire (Ginsuke song)
Lyrics Ginsuke
Video Akatsuki Gomoku, snao (illust)


Title Freestyle
Producer Ginsuke Ginsuke
Release Date September 6, 2009 October 31, 2010
オリエンタルマインド (Oriental Mind) album art.jpg
Title オリエンタルマインド (Oriental Mind)
Melancholia EP.jpg
Producer Ginsuke Ginsuke
Release Date September 4, 2013 October 18, 2013
Title Freestyle2
Producer Ginsuke Ginsuke
Release Date January 10, 2014 June 27, 2014
Title Minus
Producer Ginsuke Ginsuke
Release Date July 7, 2014 March 4, 2015

Compilation Albums[]

  • MiKNo STYLE 001 -Released: July 3rd, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: Distorted Love -Club Extended mix)
  • Plustellia -Released: August 15th, 2010
    (Song(s) featured: SiSTEMATIC EMOTiON)
  • KARENT presents Singin' out to the Summer Sky -Released: August 30, 2013
    (Song(s) featured: IROHA)