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Image of "Girl and Boy Series"
Series title
  • "少女と少年シリーズ"
  • Romaji: Shoujo to Shounen Series
  • English: Girl and Boy Series
Published May 28, 2009
  • MyGOD-P (music, lyrics, PV)
  • tarow, Yono, Miura, and Nagano (PV)
  • Suzumi and Madoromi (illust)
  • And by various illustrators taken on piapro.


The Girl and Boy Series tells a story about a girl (Rin) and boy (Len). Rin, who wanted to commit suicide, met Len, who was a silent and calm boy. The two eventually became friends. They've changed each other along the way, resulting in Rin not wanting to commit suicide by the end of the series.

Out of all the songs, the first song of the series "Suiside Girl / Silent Boy" (note that Suiside is how MyGOD-P writes the title) is the most notable, with over 50,000 views, and Sunburst and you're Looking for being the second most notable with over 40,000 views.

Note: The Girl and Boy Series has NO relation whatsoever with the Girl Series. They are from different composers; the Girl and Boy Series is composed by MyGOD-P, while the Girl Series is composed by Hayakawa-P.

An 11 minute short PV (the series' medley) illustrated by Suzumi and Madoromi was uploaded on April 12, 2012; a year after the "last" song of the series was uploaded.

The short PV is actually a 52 paged doujinshi entitled "girl meets boy, boy leaves girl" by Suzumi and is available for purchase in Toranoana for 1,200 yen.


スーサイドガール・サイレントボーイ (Suiside Girl / Silent Boy)

Uploaded May.28.2009 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music MyGOD-P Main article スーサイドガール・サイレントボーイ (Suiside Girl / Silent Boy)
Video tarow
The song starts with a girl who met a boy in the "silent garden" (the name silent garden is revealed in the last song Sunburst and you're Looking for). Rin was hurt; wanting to "erase everything" in her memories (in other words; could be interpreted that she wanted to suicide).

Although the memory of where the two met was distant; Rin remembered how he met that silent boy. Len said to just keep her memories (in other words; it could be interpreted that Len doesn't want her to suicide) stay beside him, just be quiet and stay calm. In the end, Rin didn't suicide / wash away her memories in that world; and eventually became friends with the person who prevented her from trying to suicide. However, this song focuses more on "reminiscing" the past in future songs.

"A girl that lowers her eyes meets a silent boy. I'm scared to hold your hand, but stay by my side closer than anyone else. I'm scared to see your eyes, but see me more than anyone else. Sometimes I forget you, but don't forget about me."

Sing girl in, Sing boy for

Uploaded Jun.09.2009 Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Music MyGOD-P
Video Yono
After their meeting in the previous song; Len and Rin started spending time together; going along really well. Len taught her songs which Rin then sung; though in tears they continued singing.

Talking about photographs and miracles; it could be interpreted that they were trying to sing a song together. According to the short PV by Suzumi and Madoromi; Len and Rin were looking up to the sky, writing a song with each other. With Len playing the guitar (it fits for the Girl and Boy series is a rock song series) and Rin as the vocals.

"A silent boy wrote a song for a girl, the girl who lowered her eyes looked up and sang. The boy was happy and sang together. The tears rolled down, but they weren't sad.They felt wistful, but but they weren't sad. So, the two sang with smile"

カンバスホワイト / ガールトゥボーイ (Canvas White / Girl to Boy)

Uploaded Aug.25.2009 Featuring Kagamine Rin
Music MyGOD-P
Video Miura
Like the previous songs in the series, the lyrics do not simply tell what and how the story goes. In here, Rin wants to say what she wants to say, but somehow couldn't bring herself to say it. She's holding in something in her heart, something painful, something that she knew well enough, that it can never be healed.

According to the short PV done by Suzumi and Madoromi, the "pain" and "sadness" was hidden behind an insincere smile. The boy and girl had grown up; from the previous song.

The "pain" gradually didn't disappear, whatever it is. And the girl kept repeating the same word over and over again; more to be explained in Len's "response" song "Colorful Wall, Boy to Girl"

カラフルウォール / ボーイトゥガール (Colorful Wall / Boy to Girl)

Uploaded Sep.08.2009 Featuring Kagamine Len
Music MyGOD-P
Video Nagano
In here, the boy encouraged the girl to keep on singing; as they did in the previous songs. He told her that when she sings, the world becomes much brighter and better, seeing the positive sides of the world is always the right thing to do. He wants her to sing the colorful world she sees, and when she sings, the boy will make a drawing; the girl's singing inspires her, it invisions him.

However, the girl was crying (as told in the previous song, she was holding up a pain, a wound that could never be healed), and the boy told her that "if you cry when you sing, the world becomes colder". In the end of the song, the boy said he was in a place so dark, in "the world she gave him as her own".

As shown in the next and last song, it's told that the boy died here, and the reason why in the end the boy's line "the world she gave him as her own", is the world where the girl wanted to suicide back in the first song.

太陽は燃える、君は捜す。(Sunburst and you're Looking for.)

Uploaded Apr.12.2012 Featuring Kagamine Rin (main) Kagamine Len (chorus)
Music MyGOD-P
Video MyGOD-P
In the beginning of the video, the following text (not sung by Rin) was shown:

"I hoped you forget me, a pain is grown, growing in yours, you fade out on your way, sunburst and you're looking for. I'm yet, my dear".

The part when it said "fade out" may mean that Len died in the previous song. Also, the part when it said "I'm yet, my dear" could be interpreted that Rin said "I'm yet to die and follow you".

Rin looked back at the silent garden (the first song), sang about hope, live, sing and lost, also the last song. In several parts of the song, the melody of Suiside Girl / Silent Boy can also be heard. She held, stared, and played the guitar, presumably Len's guitar from Sing girl in, Sing boy for.

In the end of the video, it's written "thank you, girl."

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