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Alberto Fernández Moldes (also known as VocaloidMaster Giuseppe, and Jose Mª "María" Lastras) debuted August 30, 2007 and currently retired from VOCALOID July 2016 but now works with Synthesizer V. Giuseppe is a Spanish producer from Spain, professional musician and music teacher known for his usage of the VOCALOID software.

Most of his works consisted of cover songs. He was quite skilled in using VOCALOIDs to sing in languages they were not made for, being quite known by the VOCALOID community for this and for the quality of his songs. His collection of songs ranges from English, Spanish, Italian, etc.

He has collaborated with the western companies in various occasions, doing the official demos for companies as Zero-G and participating in the development of Spanish voicebanks for VOCALOID3 in collaboration with Voctro Labs.

As of 2016, his involvement with Lucía and LUAN has lead to his withdrawal from any VOCALOID related development in the future.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[→][→] "Sonika Says" SONiKA July 13, 2009 lyrics, to be presumed
[nn] "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" SONiKA July 26, 2009 VOCALOID arrangement
[yt] "Derroche" Ana Belén (original) with Bruno and Clara (VOCALOID cover) October 20, 2011 VOCALOID arrangement
[yt] "El Trenecito" Ana Belén and Miguel Bosé (original) with Bruno and Clara (VOCALOID cover) October 20, 2011 arrangement, VOCALOID3 operator, video
[yt] "Por Una Rosa" Clara October 20, 2011 VOCALOID arrangement
[yt] "Juntos tú y yo" Bruno, Clara October 20, 2011 operator
[yt] "Only Time" Enya (original) with AVANNA (VOCALOID cover) February 02, 2013 VOCALOID arrangement
[yt][yt] "In My Head" YOHIOloid August 03, 2013 Promoter
[yt] "Cruz de Navajas" Mecano (original) with MAIKA (VOCALOID cover) September 12, 2013 VOCALOID arrangement
[yt] "Fantasia" MAIKA (VOCALOID cover) October 8, 2013 VOCALOID arrangement
[yt] "Ni una Sola Palabra" Paulina Rubio (original) with MAIKA (VOCALOID cover) November 27, 2013 VOCALOID arrangement