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GonGoss is a composer who is famous for nursery-rhyme-style songs more than pop songs. He is one of the early Miku users, and his first work and the masterpiece "White Letter", which was released on September 9, 2007, recorded over 200,000 counts on Niconico.

His early music videos were uploaded with just some cuts of simple illustrations on them, and many of the videos were unnoticed. It was partly due to fan-made PV videos that GonGoss' songs became popular, including White Letter and "Smiley^2" ("Smiley × Smiley"). Later this composer collaborated with illustrators and uploaded PV style songs.

He is also known as Urakaidou-P (裏街道P Backstreet-P), which name he uses when he releases funny songs.

STATUS:September 9. 2007 → Retired
GENRE:Nursery rhyme style songs, pop songs
URL(s)Niconico, YouTube
PLAYLIST(s):Nico Nico Douga List
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "White Letter" (Miku) (Sep.09,2007)
  2. "Hatsune Miku-san no Shinkyou" (Miku) (Sep.21,2007)
  3. "Yuuyami no Hazama" (Miku) (Sep.30,2007)
  4. "Smiley^2" (Miku) (Miku) (Nov.11,2007)
  5. "Bourbon House e Youkoso" (Miku) (Dec.28,2007)
  6. "Aa, Uruwashi no Danshikou" (Len) (Mar.08,2008)
  7. "Aozora wo Mitsuketa Hi" (Miku) (Mar.30,2008)
  8. "French Press de Coffee Time" (Miku) (Jul.25,2008)
  9. "Kotatsu to Kogarashi" (Miku) (Nov.04,2008)
  10. "Takujou Tantan Ongaku" (Miku) (Dec.08,2008)
  11. "Ira★IRA DAyS#4Ne" (Miku) (Mar.01,2009)
  12. "Ito-Denwa" (Miku) (Mar.14,2009)
  13. "Koi no DIGDUG" (from "DIGDUG)" (Miku) (Mar.26,2009)
  14. "earpick i☆n Ecstasy" (Miku) (Apr.27,2009)
  15. "Akanezora no Kaori" (KAITO) (Oct.18,2010)
  16. "Yume no Kakera" (Miku) (Aug.14,2010)
  17. "Daijoubu" (Miku) (Apr.01,2012)
  18. "Bara wa Utsukushiku Chiru" (Miku) (May.16,2012)
  19. "Soyokaze no Rhythm" (Miku) (Miku) (May.25,2012)
  20. "Sorairo Canvas" (Miku) (Miku) (Jan.04,2013)
  21. "Iraida DayS ver.2" (Miku) (Jan.12,2013)
  22. "Tochigi Kenmin no Uta" (Miku, KAITO) (Mar.27,2013)
  23. "Yuushou Mukei no Wonderland" (Miku) (Mar.11,2015)
  24. "Tsuki no Yoru wa Odoritai" (Miku) (Mar.23,2015)

Songs / Featured Works

White Letter

Uploaded 2007.09.09 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music GonGoss Main article White Letter
Lyrics GonGoss

スマイリー^2 (Smiley^2)

Uploaded 2007.11.11 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music GonGoss Main article スマイリー^2 (Smiley^2)
Lyrics GonGoss

青空を見つけた日 (Aozora o Mitsuketa Hi)

Uploaded 2008.03.30 Featuring Hatsune Miku
Music GonGoss Main article 青空を見つけた日 (Aozora o Mitsuketa Hi)
Lyrics GonGoss
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