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Goth Moth, Brudder, and the Cries of the Woodwing-Legged Folk is a song featuring OLIVER, YOHIOloid, and Prima by Museum of Truisms. No further details about this song were given.

The lyrics contain mild sexual themes and profanity and should be viewed at your own risk.


Singer + Color

they scream
in the strange house down the sunny street
there once lived a goth moth and her

Sie eines Tages in schreckliche Deutsch gesagt


are you looking at anime t▬ts agaaaaaaaaaaaaain?
I hear [@] moans and [@ r] weird sounds????

and he said, "they speak to me"
oh speak of woooooooooondrous things

And the goth moth said
"Scheiße, bruder"
And she left

But then
a cheese wheel rolled in and said

Those noises. What even. The F▬K.

and he said
can u hear them cry? they kno they are mine.
They speak with deformed feet

Hear them and know
their pain
they say that from the dark house where the goth moth lives

strange woodwind-like cries echo

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