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Song title
  • "Green Balloon"
Published Jun 24, 2016, with 100+ YouTube views, 300+ SoundCloud views, and 2,100+ YouTube views (reupload)


My left hand holds a green balloon
While my right hand reaches right out to yours
Oh the sky’s gone so red to see but we’re not done
There’s so much more fun to be had on this day

Your smile lights up the evening park
Shadows dancing, we pirouette round, pirouette down
oh, you’re a sight for sore eyes, merry go round
La la la~ oh with you, la la~ having fun with me

The air’s cold out, we’re ignited within
I’m all caught up in your wonderland dream, or so it seems
Who cares if we get lost, in fantasy
La la la~ oh this is, la la~ where I wanna be

can’t catch me! can’t catch me!
your jeering words ring out
chasing you chasing me
hide and seek in the moonlit theme park
I shout and shout your name
No echo sounds
la la la~ your love is~ la la~ nowhere to be found

La la la~

Lost in fantasy

I swear I can still
Hear your soft voice
Behind the carousel’s tune
I just caught a glimpse
Of your bright smile
Amongst those vibrant lights

Merrily, merrily
The teacups seem to spin
I helter skelter down
And climb up just to slide down again
The moon is rising now
We kiss farewell
La la la~ without you~ la la~ only time will tell

La la la~

My left hand holds a green balloon
While my right hand reaches right out to yours
oh the moon’s light fills up the sky but I’m still here
How I hope that I’ll see you tomorrow day
How I hope that you’ll be back again to play
la la la~ oh with you~ la la la~ oh some day~

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