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Gynoid Talk (ガイノイドTALK) is a text to speech software featuring the VOCALOID5 mascots MEIKA Hime & Mikoto, whose voices are provided by Kotori Koiwai, as well as flower.

Entering words and sentences into the program will result in either Hime, Mikoto, or flower reading the input out loud. It is recommended for usage such as video narration, answering machine pick-up, and audio book production.


The program was discovered as an Amazon Japan entry link to Gynoid's official site.[1] Gynoid Talk uses the AITalk synthesis engine by the AI Corporation (エーアイ), which is the same engine Internet Co., Ltd. uses for their speech synth products, as well as AH-Software Co. Ltd. with VOICEROID, likewise, as well as Galaco uses for her talk software. Despite all sharing the same engine it is worth noting that none of these products are compatible with each other.

The voicebanks are generally geared towards a standard Japanese dialect, although separate downloads which include support for the Hakata dialect will be available.[2]

In August of 2019, a Gynoid Talk voicebank for flower was announced, making her the third voice for the engine. Her design was revealed February 10, 2020 at a convention.[3][4]

Product information[]



ボイスパックの中身紹介Movie YouTube
Some of Meika Hime/Mikoto's voice files YouTube

System Requirements[]

Windows: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32 bit / 64 bit compatible, latest Windows Update is applied)

  • CPU: Intel / AMD Dual Core processor or higher (Intel Core i3 or later)
  • Memory: 4 GB or more is recommended (minimum 2 GB)
  • Storage: Free space of 1.5 GB or more
  • Display resolution: XGA (1024 x 768) or more
  • Others: Audio device, supporting DVD drive (in the case of a physical purchase), DirectX 9.0c or later - Internet access is required to use this product. NET Framework is also required, though it is installed automatically when Gynoid Talk is installed.

More free space than listed above is required to save voices as audio files. Gynoid also says that functioning of the program cannot be guaranteed on a non-Japanese operating system.[5][6]



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