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Haruno Sora (桜乃そら) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed by and distributed by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. She was released for the VOCALOID5 engine in July 2018.

She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue (井上 喜久子; Inoue Kikuko), a Japanese voice actress and singer.


Sora is a 17-year-old gentle and quiet girl. On stage as a singer, she has two different singing styles - "gentle and soft"[3] and "cool and sharp".[4]


The first kanji in her name "桜" means "cherry blossom." The second kanji "乃" is commonly used in names as well as an alternative spelling of the possessive particle "の". "そら" is the hiragana version of "空", the kanji character for "sky". The full meaning of the name is "sky of cherry blossoms".


Sora's appearance is that of a young woman with a mature air. She has long colorful hair, light blue eyes, and a mole near her lip. Both her Natural and Cool designs consist of a butterfly motif.

Her "Natural" design is a fitted top and pencil skirt with whites and blues. A transparent bustle complimented by a pink bouquet and small white hat with a long ribbon. Her footwear is turquoise boots with fat heels.

The "Cool" design is a mix of 18th century fashions with a red and black theme having a matching jacket and wide-brimmed hat with a butterfly acting as a pin. She wears white gloves, shorts, and heels.


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  • Macne Coco Black and White - A vocal voiced by Kikuko Inoue.
  • Poron - A companion robot that resembles a blue rabbit that also functions as a pair of headphones.



Haruno Sora - Natural
This is Sora's main vocal, it is designed to be soft and gentle.
Haruno Sora - Cool
"Cool" is a support vocal for the main "Natural" vocal and is designed to be much clearer and more powerful sounding. It is better for rock and enka music.
  • Haruno Sora (VOCALOID5), July 26, 2018
Haruno Sora - Talk
The talk version of the voice runs on VOICEROID and has tones that match the VOCALOID voicebanks. It is designed so that producers can use both speech and singing results in production and for the listener to be able to tell that they are the same character.
  • Haruno Sora (VOICEROID2), July 26, 2018

Music featuring Haruno Sora[]

  • On this wiki, Haruno Sora is featured in 11 songs , 0 albums .
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Seventeen's Dream
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Haruno Sora
K きになるおもちゃの人 (music, lyrics), たしかなまんぞく (illust)
Categories Original song
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Haruno Sora
s.f. (music), 牛タンP (lyrics), PressureRain (vocal rendering)
Categories Original song
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Haruno Sora
SakITar0 (music, video), とーる。(lyrics), なき虫 (illust)
Categories Original song
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Translation Jitter Doll
Haruno Sora
Kaitsuko-P (cover, mixing, tuning), Lucifer (VSQx)
Categories Cover song
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  • Sora's official character birthday, July 26, was adopted from the same day as her VOCALOID5 and VOICEROID2 releases.
  • Sora's age of 17 is possibly a reference to Kikuko Inoue's well-known running joke of calling herself 17 years old when asked her age, to which fans would jokingly refute her in return with "yeah, right".[5]
    • Many of Sora's tweets allude that she may be older than 17.[6]
    • This could also be backed by images of Sora's school uniform, which is an older seifuku with a low collar dip and a longer skirt. This style came from the '80s, which is when her voice provider would have been in high school at the time.[7][8]
  • First VOCALOID5 from AH-Software
  • First VOCALOID5 released with additional voicebanks


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