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Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X (初音ミク -Project DIVA- X) is a video game created by SEGA for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


-Project DIVA- X is the eighth main installment in the Project DIVA series. The game was released March 24, 2016 in Japan, for the PS Vita. The PS4 version, a first for the series, was released on August 25, 2016. The game was released in North America for the Vita and PS4 on August 30, 2016.[1] The game's theme song ("Tsumi no Namae") is composed by ryo.

New Features[]


  1. A new "Live Quest/Cloud Request" is a new feature in which quests are listed on the bulletin board in Diva Room/Home. The quests vary depending on the areas/clouds, which are five in total (Neutral, Cool, Cute, Beauty and Chaos). By "filling" up the power of song, the quest is progressed and eventually passed when a right amount of "Voltage" is met.
  2. In Live Quest/Cloud Request Mode, there are five types of areas/clouds that exist: “Neutral,” “Cute,” “Cool,” “Beauty,” and “Chaos.” The rhythm game’s songs are stationed throughout each area. Each module and accessory equipped has a set element. If the player coordinates a module and accessories with the element of the rhythm game, the initial value of the Voltage Rate will increase and they can earn Voltage more efficiently.[2]
      2.1 The North American release will re-title some of the attributes: “Classic,” “Cute,” “Cool,” “Elegant,” and “Quirky.”[3]
  3. In addition to obtaining modules by purchasing them with Live Points, a new module acquisition feature has been added. The "Module Drop" feature will be reward a random module by the completion of a quest/request, if the quest/request conditions and “Chance Time” are both cleared. In it an event will trigger conversations among the characters in the quest/request.
  4. The new "Rush Notes" feature sets up an alternative for players to gain higher scores. This can be done by pressing the corresponding buttons repeatedly when the word "RUSH" appears on the screen.
  5. In accordance to theme of the game "Live & Produce", players can now produce their own "live" and change the stage of the song, along with the modules and accessories, as seen in previous games. Consequently, -Project DIVA- X isn't expected to have any "Story PVs", and the new PVs are all supposed to be in a "live" style.
  6. For each module there are set “skills” that influence the rhythm game. Example skills include “Recover,” which cover up mistakes made during the rhythm game, “Rate Up,” which lets players earn more Voltage, skills that influence module drop rate, and more.[4]


See gallery for /Modules

Project DIVA X will have more than 300 modules, including new modules and also the old modules from Project DIVA F and Project DIVA F2nd.[5]


Featured producers[]

Heavenz, HoneyWorks, 40mP, Hachi, MARETU, Neru, toa, LamazeP, Hitoshizuku-P×Yama△Pinocchio-P, n-bunaDECO*27OSTER project, rerulili×Moja, JimmyThumb-P, Tohma, Mikito-PGiga-P, Mitchie M, Kurousa-P, maloryowowaka, Live-P, Yuyoyuppe, Yuuyu-P, n.kDIVELA×OsamuShin-Pkoyorimikumix, kz, Treow, Hachioji-P, Tripshots, cosMo, PolyphonicBranch

Song list[]

Japanese, Romaji English Official English Producer Attribute Singer
01 ハジメテノオト (Hajimete no Oto) The First Sound The First Sound malo Neutral/Classic Miku
02 愛の詩 (Ai no Uta) Love Song Love Song LamazeP Neutral/Classic Miku
03 Satisfaction Satisfaction Satisfaction kz (livetune) Neutral/Classic Miku
04 罪の名前 (Tsumi no Namae) The Name of the Sin Name of the Sin ryo Neutral/Classic Miku
05 ウミユリ海底譚 (Umiyuri Kaiteitan) Sea Lily Deep Sea Tale Tale of the Deep-sea Lily n-buna Cute Miku
06 LOL -lots of laugh- LOL -lots of laugh- LOL -lots of laugh- mikumix Cute Miku
07 クノイチでも恋がしたい (Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai) Even as a Female Ninja, I Want to Love Even a Kunoichi Needs Love Mikito-P Cute Miku, Rin
08 ツギハギスタッカート (Tsugihagi Staccato) Patchwork Staccato Patchwork Staccato toa Cute Miku
09 恋愛裁判 (Ren'ai Saiban) Love Trial Love Trial 40mP Cute Miku
10 Strangers Strangers Strangers Heavenz Cool Miku
11 ラズベリー*モンスター (Raspberry*Monster) Raspberry*Monster Raspberry*Monster HoneyWorks Cool Miku
12 ロストワンの号哭 (Lost One no Goukoku) The Lost One's Weeping The Lost One's Weeping Neru Cool Rin
13 Calc. Calc. Calc. JimmyThumb-P Cool Miku
14 独りんぼエンヴィー (Hitorinbo Envy) Solitary Hide-and-Seek Envy Solitary Envy koyori Cool Miku
15 脳内革命ガール (Nounai Kakumei Girl) Brain Revolution Girl Brain Revolution Girl MARETU Beauty/Elegant Miku
16 聖槍爆裂ボーイ (Seisou Bakuretsu Boy) Sacred Spear Explosion Boy Holy Lance Explosion Boy rerulili x Moja Beauty/Elegant Len
17 紅一葉 (Akahitoha) Crimson Leaf A Single Red Leaf Kurousa-P Beauty/Elegant Luka
18 Amazing Dolce Amazing Dolce Amazing Dolce Hitoshizuku-P x Yama△ Beauty/Elegant MEIKO, Rin, Len
19 愛Dee (Ai Dee) Ai (Love) Dee (Identity) Ai Dee Mitchie M Beauty/Elegant Miku, Luka
20 すろぉもぉしょん (Slow Motion) SLoW MoTIoN Slow Motion Pinocchio-P Chaos/Quirky Miku
21 ストリーミングハート (Streaming Heart) Streaming Heart Streaming Heart DECO*27 Chaos/Quirky Miku
22 Mrs.Pumpkinの滑稽な夢 (Mrs. Pumpkin no Kokkei na Yume) Mrs. Pumpkin's Comical Dream Humorous Dream of Mrs. Pumpkin Hachi Chaos/Quirky Miku
23 バビロン (Babylon) Babylon Babylon Tohma Chaos/Quirky Miku
24 卑怯戦隊うろたんだー (Hikyou Sentai Urotander) Coward Squadron Urotander Urotander, Underhanded Rangers Shin-P Chaos/Quirky KAITO, MEIKO, Miku

Downloadable songs

01 Hand in Hand Hand in Hand Hand in Hand kz(livetune) Extra (DLC) Miku
02 Sharing The World Sharing The World Sharing the World BIGHEAD, ELEKI Extra (DLC) Miku

Medley list[]

Japanese, Romaji English Official English Featured songs Producer(s) Attribute Singer
01 はじまりのメドレー ~プライマリカラーズ~ (Hajimari no Medley ~Primary Colors~) Medley of the Beginning ~Primary Colors~ Beginning Medley - Primary Colors Koisuru VOC@LOID , Dreaming Leaf -Yumemiru Kotonoha- , Fukigen Waltz, Miracle Paint OSTER project Neutral/Classic Miku (Rin, Len, Luka, MEIKO, KAITO)
02 キュート・メドレー ~アイドル サウンズ~ (Cute Medley ~Idol Sounds~) Cute Medley ~Idol Sounds~ Cute Medley - Idol Sounds EAZY DANCE, FREELY TOMORROW, Viva Happy, Ageage Again, Idol o Sakase Mitchie M Cute Miku
03 クール・メドレー ~サイバーロックジャム~ (Cool Medley ~Cyber Rock Jam~) Cool Medley ~Cyber Rock Jam~ Cool Medley - Cyber Rock Jam Unhappy Refrain, My List Dame!, Tengaku, Palette, Kono Fuzaketa Subarashiki Sekai wa, Boku no Tame ni Aru wowaka, Live-P, Yuuyu-P, Yuyoyuppe, n.k. (Arranged by DIVELA and tuned by Osamu) Cool Miku, Rin, Luka
04 ビューティ・メドレー ~Glossy Mixture~ (Beauty Medley ~Glossy Mixture~) Beauty Medley ~Glossy Mixture~ Elegant Medley - Glossy Mixture Dependence Intension, Sweet Devil, Nebula, Chaining Intention Treow, Hachioji-P, Tripshots (Arranged by Treow) Beauty/Elegant Miku (Luka, MEIKO)
05 カオス・メドレー ~ギガリミックス~ (Chaos Medley ~Giga Remix~) Chaos Medley ~Giga Remix~ Quirky Medley - Giga Remix Pinko Stick Luv, Gigantic O.T.N, Okochama Sensou, Ii Aru Fanclub Giga, Mikito-P (Remixed and arranged by Giga) Chaos/Quirky Miku, Rin, Len
06 終極のメドレー ~超絶技巧暴走組曲~ (Shuukyoku no Medley ~Chouzetsu Gikou Bousou Kumikyoku~) Ultimate Medley ~Virtuoso Runaway Suite~ Ending Medley - Ultimate Exquisite Rampage Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu, Ura-omote Lovers, Sadistic.Music∞Factory, Nijigen Dream Fever, Hatsune Miku no Gekishou cosMo, wowaka, PolyphonicBranch (Arranged by cosMo) Neutral/Classic Miku


  • -Project DIVA- X is the first Project DIVA game to be released on the PS4. It is also the first PS Vita game to receive the CERO:B since Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- extend.
  • X shared its release date with
    • A Project DIVA X and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 collaboration was produced to celebrate the simultaneous releases, see here.
    • The Japanese PS4 version also shared released date with The King of Fighters XIV in Japan.
    • The western version will be released one day before Miku's Anniversary as well as her V4X version. It is also shared with Resident Evil 4 for PS4 and Xbox One on the same date.
  • The Live Quest/Cloud Request mode is based on a scrapped story mode version for Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-.
  • The 'HD' in the Japanese PS4 title apparently stands for "Honki DIVA".
    • Also, while the PS Vita version runs at 30fps, the PS4 version runs at 60fps.
  • When the PSVR came out alongside with the worldwide release of Hatsune Miku VR Future Live with Project Diva, the game receives a patch to add the VR Viewer Mode in Live Edit/Concert Editor Mode.
    • Also, another patch is released when the PS4 Pro came out. Not only it improves the reflection quality and the ability to play the game and take snapshots in 4K, but the VR Viewer Mode in Live Edit/Concert Editor Mode runs at 90fps. This also applies to Hatsune Miku VR Future Live with Project Diva.
  • Some songs in Live Edit/Concert Editor Mode have full versions of those songs.
  • When broadcasting and uploading videos via PS4's Share functionality, the music during gameplay will be disabled due to copyright restrictions. This is also the case with the PS4 version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone.[6]
  • X shared its release date with Dance with Devils and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.
  • X was banned in Korea due to R18+-rated lyrics within the song “Holy Lance Explosion Boy”.


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