Hatsune Miku - Tap Wonder (Abbr.: MikuTap) is a free mobile game featuring "Tap Concert" developed by Ateam, Inc..


It was initially announced on Jaunary 24, 2020 for global release[1], its in-game BGM and Pet Contests in Piapro was also started in the meanwhile.

The object of this game is "Creating with Everyone"[2] (The Smartphone Game that You Can Join the Making of)[3].


MikuTap enables users accumulating voltages by tapping screens freely.[4] When maxing out voltages in Super Concert mode, new concert stage level will be unlocked.[5]

Cheer Power can be obtained by leveling up concert process (confirmed) or rainbow star roulette (in random). It can be used for upgrades of player levels, active skills, or figurines unlocking (and its skill and level upgrades).


Song listEdit

Source: Official Hatsune Miku Blog
Japanese, Romaji English Producer
01 Dear My Future! Dear My Future! Tsuna Kisaragi
02 アレキサンドライト (arekisandoraito) ALEXANDRITE kiyoshi
03 君の手 (Kimi no te) Your Hand Chama
04 Over the Shining Road Over the Shining Road Piipi P
05 Sweets Love Magic Sweets Love Magic Kid P
06 シュピィーゲル (shupīigeru) Spiegel NekTo
07 ボクらのショートストーリー (bokura no shōto sutōrī) Our Short Stories mini
08 Ephynia Ephynia potatoTeto
10 Ultra Special Challenger Ultra Special Challenger ismK (Kei Izumi)



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