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Hatsune Miku Presents: Hachune Miku's Everyday Vocaloid Paradise ( はちゅねミクの日常 ろいぱら!Hachune Miku no Nijyou Vocaloid Paradise), is a Japanese Yonokoma manga by Ievan Polkka artist Otomania. It is about the comedic slice of life of Hatsune Miku's famous official derivative; Hachune Miku. It is published in Japan in Dec 26, 2007 to Aug 26, 2011. It is also made into 4 volumes. It was licensed for distribution in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment in October 2017.


About[edit | edit source]

The Yonokoma is originally based on Miku's derivative; Hachune Miku. However, it also features fan-made SD versions of Crypton's Vocaloids: Meyko, Kaiyto, Kagaumine Rin & Len,, and Megyurine Luka.

Each chapter (Or Spring Onion as the manga calls it) contains the story of different slice of life everyday events and what Hachune does or how she reacts. The series is set in a mansion called Vocaloid Manor, Japan. Several other characters have also been featured in the series, such as Wat, Akita NeruYowane Haku, Kuma uta, LEON, Sweet Ann, and UTAU Kasane Teto (as a cameo character).

Mobile version - LoiPara! Band edition[edit | edit source]

"Sometimes, you just want to do something fun. Like make a band for example.", Miku had a random idea to suddenly form a band . While there are twists and turns in the musical instruments in charge, Rin, Len, Luka, and Miku who are enthusiastic about "making it the best band ever!" However, " Miku that does not know the basis of the electric guitar that it will not produce loud sound unless the amplifier is connected..." Will this band really go well?

Organization[edit | edit source]

  • Miku - Guitar
  • Rin - drum
  • Len - based
  • Luka - Keyboard

Len had a home-made bass guitar, all others instruments are brand new.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Though the series features well-known Vocaloids as its central characters, their personalities and quirks have been somewhat altered to flesh them out and add humor to the strips. Though Hachune Miku is the main focus on most of the strips, other characters can also take center stage during special occasions (like Megyurine Luka's arrival). The following list is in order of their first appearance in the series.

SD Vocaloids[edit | edit source]

Hachune Miku[edit | edit source]

Debut: Spring Onion 1 - Hachune Miku's Arrival

The titular character of the series, she's a sharp tongued girl with an equally hyperactive habit of playing dumb. Like most chibi and/or moe characters, she is shown as a cutesy character and acts sometimes harsh for her appearance, mostly towards Kaiyto. She's addicted to Spring Onions and will gets her hands on any spring onion she can. If she doesn't eat enough onion, or has the shock of no onions, she can grow and have the same appearance has her source of inspiration Hatsune Miku.; Even her personality changes to klutzy, very nice, very apologetic, and very thankful.(Some people call her Hatsune Miku due to this or because of her exact appearance to her when grown) Before she arrived at the Vocaloid manor, her old town was just a spring onion field.

Kaguamine Rin[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 2 - Hachune Miku's Appetite
The fan-made SD version of Kagamine Rin; Introduced as a wise cracking peppy girl and sometimes plays straight man to the Vocaloid group. Rin can make comeback jokes at just the right moment with the other characters, often with hilarious results (like when Hachune makes a melon mask and says "Trick or Treat", Rin says "Wrong fruit, season, and country.").  She never fails to exploit the weaknesses of others (like making combacks at Neru when she found out that she has a crush on Len).She also has a complete Kansai accent and Osakan blood.She loves Kansai foods such as takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Her accent can sound annoying when speaking. She misunderstands the fact that if she holds off on oranges, she'll grow just like Miku. (Maybe she's deluding herself?!) Her favorite fruit is Oranges. Just like how Miku is addicted to Onions.

Kagaumine Len[edit | edit source]

  • Debut:  Spring Onion 2 - Hachune Miku's Appetite

The fan-made SD version of Kagamine Len; Introduced as a quiet non-speaking boy. He attracts people including the vocaloid group with his cute round eyes and swirly cheeks. He's always staring off into space, but the smile he occasionally shows the other Vocaloids captures their hearts. He doesn't know that Akita Neru has a crush on him, and she sees him as a stunningly handsome boy. (Is she even delusional?!) In Spring Onion 23, Lens hair can change from humidity, such as to an Afro. Like Miku and Rin's favorite foods, his favorite food is bananas. His most famous most notable role is in Spring Onion 42 - Len's Day.

Megyurine Luka[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 18 - Hachune Miku's Newcome (Secretly mentioned: Spring Onion 17 - Hachune Miku's Phone)

The fan-made SD version of Megurine Luka. She has huge but cute black eyes and swirly cheeks. As a rich girl moving from a rich family to Vocaloid manor, she's adapting to a normal everyday life. She even moves to Japan to find Sweet Ann. She also doesn't know much about Japan even though she studied about it. (Such as when she thought there would be Ukiyo-e paintings and a wrestling ring in Japanese baths) Luka is also very gentle and sweet; and the way she communicates can make her sound very proper and educated. (Such as when she said "The Sound of the hear knows no borders.") She at first calls Kaiyto a servant when she arrived, but fully understands that he lives that the rest of the group when Meyko explains it to her. At times, Rin on purposely calls her naive or an airhead based on the way she acts. She is also shown to have a huge relationship with Sweet Ann before and after both of them went to Japan. (Hachune Miku would sometimes impostor as Luka to play dumb with them). Before her arrival, she would grow up in a loving but strict mannered rich family. She rarely left her former home, and the language made it lonely. When she DID go out, she mostly went abroad. When seeing Miku and Run chase each other in the rain, Luka runs out to join them and expresses her freedom of being rained on for the first time. Luka can understand Len as well, because if she can open her heart and listen carefully, she can hear the whisper of his heart. She could have a weird taste, such as when she only LOVED the pink pickled ginger in the shape of a flower on sushi, and when she ate Surströmming when the rest of the vocaloid group can't. Much to their chagrin and thinking Luka as a crazy weird person. But when she cooks; not often, it always turned out well!

Older SD Vocaloids[edit | edit source]

Meyko[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 1 - Hachune Miku's Arrival

A fan-made SD version of Meyko. She is the manager of the Vocaloid manor. She takes the lead in conversations and looks after Miku, Rin, Len, and sometimes Luka. Unlike her original counterpart in manga, she usually has her act together, but she's actually a big drinker. (One cup sake is her favorite). She's a bit of a fighting drunk too. She secretly has feelings for Kaiyto. But everyone knows except him. Her love-struck maiden's smile will make your heart proud! When people mention her marrying him or being a wife, Her face burns with embarrassment.

Kaiyto[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 1 - Hachune Miku's Arrival.

The fan-made SD version of Kaito. Like Meyko, he's a good older sibling of Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka. He's handsome, but people think he's an idiot who's oblivious to Meyko's feelings for him. Since he first met Miku, he's been affectionate towards her, making her and Rin call him a lolicon perv non-stop. Apprently, he just loves kids, both boys and girl. He also loves all kinds of ice cream just like his counterpart. He'll eat ice cream all year around even in the winter! It might be a little weird for an adult to love ice cream, but you can't help what you like! (Just please be careful of cavities!) And, his signature item is his scarf, to the point where you can't think of him without thinking of scarves--and vice versa, He's even been known to wear a scarf with no shirt.

Sweet Ann[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 6: Hachune Miku's Open House, Side-A

Sweet Ann is a music instructor by day, Protector of the Peace by night. When she first met Miku and the others, she was in a tube at a park for some reason. She's a prototypical foreign otaku, her passion for figurines and anime is something to behold. Her collection is so big that she could hold a one person anime convention. She started making less appearances since Megyurine Luka's appearance, but it is revealed that the two know each other very well and they have a great relationship. After Ann left to Japan, she left that message for Luka, which is why she moved to the Vocaloid manor.

Akita Neru[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 8 - Hachune Miku's Shopping Trip.

Introduced as a smug and and overly tsundere girl.and very rarely; a frenemy of Hachune Miku, Neru can usually be found posting something on the internet with her (a few years old) phone. She also has a huge crush on Len (which she acts overly tsundere to hid her embarrassment of exposing her crush to Len in front of anyone). She is often shown to be with Yowane Haku (Maybe because they're friends?)

Yowane Haku[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 9 - Hachune Miku's Ocean Swim

Yowane seems grown up a little glamourus, but she's often drunk and always whining feebly or being masochistic. She has the weakest presence in the group and is the only girl of the group to wear pants. She loves Hachune so much and wants to be with her. When not drunk, she can be happy and thankful and little more outgoing.

LEON[edit | edit source]

  • Debut: Spring Onion 12 - Hachune Miku's Part-Time Job side B

One of the first english vocaloids. He looks and behaves totally different from his original counterpart. He is the manager of Crypt, the restaurant where Neru works part-time. He seems to have some off-putting interests, so Miku and Rin seem him as a perv but not a lolicon. His french speaking and Miku's hatred of him exposes some of the xenophobia in Japan. Born in England. From his mannerisms to his chest hair, there's no doubt he embraces his European heritage wholeheartedly. (Being scolded by Miku, Rin, and Neru seems to make him happy?!)

Kuma Uta[edit | edit source]

  • Debut Spring Onion 5 - Hachune Miku's Adventure

He first appeared as the final boss in a virtual RPG game, but since then he's made random appearances in vocaloid literature,vocaloid art and in MMD. Large, but timid; he cracks under pressure and gives in to puppy-dog eyes easily. Rumor has it that he's a very good singer. Because he is only and mostly known from the game Kumauta. He's a real virtual singer; a voice before Miku, even Meiko and Kaito. His placement in Vocaloid fanart is also very coherent considering the fact that he sounds like one of the earlier vocaloids. Some may even consider him as a beta.

The Yonegiz[edit | edit source]

Negita and Negiko;One of the famous kawaii mascots of the city Yonago; A city famous for its nutritious onions. they made their debut in early February 2006 or a few years earlier. Four years later, they collaborated with Otomania's Hachune Miku for promoting their advertising and promoting Otomania's popular Hachune Miku yonkoma.

Website: http://www.city.yonago.lg.jp/7415.htm


Volume 1[edit | edit source]

  • Amazon Link
  • Volume date: January 24, 2009 The following were later released as a compiled Volume.

Spring Onion 1 - Hachune Miku's Arrival[edit | edit source]

  • Published date: Dec 26, 2007
  • Featuring - Hachune Miku, Meyko, Kaiyto,

The fan-made SD Version of Meiko called Meyko gets a call from Crypton's Wat that a newcomer will arrive today at Vocaloid Manor. After receiving a package from the Nico Nico Express, she finds a blank-eyed doll-like figure with a gaping mouth and turquoise pigtails in a package full of spring onions. The doll figure introduces herself as "Hachune Miku, The Electronic Fairy". Then the SD version of Kaito named Kaiyto arrives home and feels very enchanted by Hachune's appearance. Since he loves kids so much, Hachune Miku asks "Is he a lolicon...?" And continues to call him a lolicon just to play dumb with him.

Spring Onion 2 - Hachune Miku's Appetite[edit | edit source]

  • Published: Jan 2, 2008
  • Featuring - Hachune Miku, Meyko, Kaityo, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len

Meyko introduces Miku to the Vocaloid Manor and makes rules that they all work hard, cooperate and deepen their bonds. They even have a studio, and Hachune Miku already knows. (Because of the newcomer's guide booklet.) Then Kaiyto realized that ever since Hachune arrived, everything smells like strong spring onions. And when he opens his Ice Cream freezer, it is replaced by oranges and onions. Then the SD version of Kagamine Rin called Kaguamine Rin (The wise-cracking peppy girl with a huge Kansai accent and dialect) keeps scooting back in front of Kaiyto. Because Miku just told her that Kaiyto's a lolicon (But he really isn't! He just loves kids too much!) After talking to Rin about why she keeps oranges in the freezer, They wonder where's her younger brother Kaguamine Len, (The SD derivative of Kaguamine Len) But he's just eating banana with Miku. He does not talk and is very silent unlike Rin. Then when she goes to play with Kaityo and the others, Len is sitting in his lap. And when she goes to Meyko, Miku's just sat there! Then when Kaityo opens up his freezer for the second time, it is filled with nothing but Onions (again). Because Miku ate the ice cream to make room for the onions. And in response Kaiyto almost comically attacks Miku.

Spring Onion 3 - Hachune Miku's Transformation[edit | edit source]

  • Published date: Jan 9, 2008
  • Featuring - Hachune Miku, Meyko, Kaityo, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len

Miku is lying in bed feeling hot and sick. Then she moans "ONIONS! Spring onions...N-need onions." So Meyko runs to the market to get onions for Miku. But suddenly, when she returns, she heard a huge gasp. When she enters the bedroom, An unexpected occurrence has happened. Hachune Miku grew! Her gaping mouth and blank eyes are gone and replaced by a beautiful look, and she now looks exactly like her source of inspiration Hatsune Miku. Then Meyko and Kaityo all came to conclusion that Miku grew if she runs out of Onions. Then Miku dropped a glass of water, grabbed paper instead of a tea towel, and tripped! . They noticed that she doesn't have a sharp tongue,or a rude personality now. She is now clumsy, very apologetic, worrying, but a very thankful girl. Even saying "Thank You, So, so Much!" To the both of them in a joyful manner. Kaguamine Rin wants to help Meyko with making Apple Juice, but She squeezed it with her bare hands making scary cracking sounds and scaring Rin. On the other hand, Rin, now realizing why Miku grew, wants to hold off on Oranges so the same thing can happen to her. But she doesn't know that Miku grew when didn't have ANY Onions around her. Just not resisting them. No matter how much Rin tried to resist Oranges, it's her favorite fruit. Then Meyko called Wat and he said that The only cure is too stick up a spring onion up to Miku's nose. Kaiyto is reluctant because of Miku is when is grown. But Meyko shoves up in the nose and Miku is now back to small with the sharp tongue and rudeness again.

Spring Onion 4 - Hachune Miku's Flower Viewing[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring - Hachune Miku, Meyko, Kaityo, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len

In Vocaloid manor tradition, Meyko and the other are going to a Flower viewing meet up. (Because Flower Viewing or Hanami 花見  is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers). Then Because they have Miku, they'll want a good spot. But who should hold it? Because it's an overnight spot... Rin played Rock Paper Scissors who whoever stays overnight if they lose. Rin won. For the flower viewing snack, Meyko is making dumplings with everyone's favorite flavors in it Including Onion, Banana and Orange. Then Miku is requested to bring Kaiyto supplies; which are Ice cream (with plenty of dry Ice). The next morning as the group arrived at the overnight spot, they find Kaiyto trying to attack a wild animal (who stole his ice cream). Later on, Miku ad Rin try the flavored dumplings. Miku loved her dumpling, but Rin doesn't look fond of it. But when Len eats his banana flavored dumpling, his off-screen smile attracted the group. As Meyko and Kaiyto sit under the Sakura trees, Kaiyto wishes that the big Miku were with them while Meyko drinks. While slightly drunk, Meyko says "That stupid Kaiyto-kun. How oblivious can he get?! I know Kaiyto-kun might be a lolicon, but... I-I've got charms too! So many charms." She then quietly rants something to Len. "And whenever he sees a kid, he fawns! Am I right?" Meyko says right when she sees a cat with her. She then plays with it in a kitty like-way. After waking from being drunk, Kaiyto calls it rare for Meyko to drink too much. While watching Miku, Rin, and Len, play under the cherry blossom, They both wish the moments to last forever.

Spring Onion 5 - Hachune Miku's Adventure[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring - Hachune Miku, Meyko, Kaityo, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len, Kuma Uta (debut)

Meyko and the others have Virtual Reality googles from Wat-san because he asked them to test out a new RPG Machine that just came out recently. They put them on, ready to go into the RPG world, in the RPG world, Miku the Hero tests out her Special Attack: Spring Onion Nose Clash on Kaiyto who is a wizard. In reality, they're running around blindfolded and bumping into walls. In the RPG World, the group searches through holograms to to find the goal of this game. Also, Miku has an onion sword, Meyko is a figter with boxing gloves, and Rin, and Len are ninjas. Her holograms shows that she and Len have a road roller as their weapon, when she summons it, It's just a tractor until they level up. Meyko reads a hologram that says "Beware treasure chests that contain traps!" Kiayto opens on up and it's Vocaloid choco-monaka. Just when saus that it's not a trap, a net swoops down and catches him, taking him far away. to Kuma Uta's place. He offers him Ice cream and Papico, which Kaiyto accepts. Else where, Meyko and the the others are still fighting large group of enemies. "The enemy's here, everyone! Let's beat them with a song, like real vocaloids!" Meyko cheers. Miku does her Spring Onion Slash, and Rin and Len came out of nowhere smashing their way in with their road roller. While Miku and Rin struggle to the no end of the enemies. Miku summons her ultimate Spell "Onion Lama" just a huge monk eating onions. Miku smacks it away. When they arrived to Kuma Uta's place, They see him and Kaiyto eating ice cream talking about girls. This causes an outraged Meyko to grind Kuma Uta in the head, then, she slumps to Kaiyto, and the grinds him in the head.

Spring Onion 6 - Hachune Miku's Open House, Side A[edit | edit source]

Miku throws a ball at Kaiyto but he then misses it. When he goes to get it, the finds it next a woman inside the park's tunnel. She introduces herself as "Sweet Ann: Messanger of Justice, protecting peace. Singing instructor by day, protecting peace by night." Hachune Miku introduces herself as the electronic fairy and whispers in her ear that Kaiyto is a lolicon freak (And a calorie control). When Meyko arrives, Miku shoves Kaiyto into Ann. She also introduces Ann to Meyko. Ann tells them that she loves Japanese culture and always dreams of going to Japan, Then, Miku digs through the tunnel Ann was in and finds a huge stash of figurines and manga in there. But then Ann collapses moaning "Main power suplly drained.. back-up power offline..." with a growling stomach. Kaiyto invites her to eat with them. While they're eating, Rin and Len are suprised to see an unfamiliar woman in the house. Ann greets the Kaguamines. Meyko offers Ann a room for her to stay; This makes An feel so happy that she hugs and kisses Meyko. Rin promises to teach Ann some manners and Japanese.

Spring Onion 8 - Hachune Miku's Shopping Trip[edit | edit source]

Sweet Ann, Meyko, and Kaiyto need a few things from the department store. Meyko sees Rin, Len and Miku wearing bows and purses. When they arrived at the Department Store (Otomanishop), Miku has never seen or heard of a department store before. Before she arrived, her old town just and a spring onion field, and much much more. T the toy department, Sweet Ann sees Hikyou Sentai Urotander cards. She gets excited becayse those were sold out EVERYWHERE and she wanted them. Ann gets more excited as she buys the Super Rare Keyboard Crusher 1/8th figurine. Miku asks why is Kaiyto buying scarves even though it is Summer. Kaiyto says that a scarf makes a true gentleman. He even says that Summer Scarves are made of mesh. And he searches for more scarves. Meyko tells Kaiyto that she knit one for Summer. Kaiyto loves scarfs to much that she says "Thanks! It's so airy and comfy! I love you, Meyko-san!" Making Meyko embarrassed. At a Kiddie Land section, Kaiyto's love of kids makes him join the little kids in the play pit. Ann notcies that the sotre is doing a "Hero Show" on the rooftop. Which is The Hikyou Sentai Uro (Et Cetera) Fan girl screams deafened the rooftop. Elsewhere, Len gets lost and is left alone. He then sees a phone on the ground and then the owner of the phone Akita Neru is looking for it. Len gives to him, she blushes when she sees him as a grown version. When he leaves, her delusions tell her that his name is Len. Afterwards, Meyko says that Wat-san asked the vocaloid group to help out at the Bech house Vocalo next month. They plan to buy Swimsuits while they're still at the store. Akita Neru watches them from behind. She says "Maybe...I should buy a swimsuit."

  • Featuring: Hachune Miku, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len, Sweet Ann, Meyko, Kaiyto, Kasane Teto (cameo) Akita Neru (debut)
  • The cards that Sweet Ann buys gives a hint that Hikyou Sentai Urotander is a Vocaloid song in the Hall of Legend.
  • While Len was lost, the balloon he carries has a drawing of Kio's Miku Hatsune Long Model from MMD and The Nagahosoi Miku model from old PV videos.

Spring Onion 12 - Hachune Miku's Part-Time Job[edit | edit source]

Miku and the others are having dinner in the style of Japanese culture, using Seiza to sit formally on the floor and eat near a low leveled table. Suudenly, news on TV shows a nationwide Spring Onion shortage, which means what Onions are getting pricey from bad harvests. RIn teases Miku for this being life or death for her without any onions when she suddenly sees Miku grow again. With her mouth full, she begans to wail. Kaiyto tries to calm her down, but then a raging Meyko whams Miku in the nose with an onion. Then she and Kaiyto talk about their food budget being too tight on buy WAY too many onions. Meyko suggesting to cut back on their budget. They heard a gasp and they seen Miku grown again. The big Miku declares to get a part time job, because of her new personality, she laments about how they're in the red, Meyko might work on nights Kaiyto might work abroad and an onion to the nose hurts. At the restaurant "Crypt", Miku gets hired and gets to work along with the shift leader, which is Akita Neru, She didn't expect to see Miku look beautiful with her new characteristics. She turns her head thinking about Len, but Miku sees it and giggles "Len-Kun will be by later." Startling Neru. When Miku starts her job and tries to carry things, her sudden clumsiness drops the plates and glasses onto Neru and accidentally trips onto her; She apologizes frantically from this. Neru sees a customer and asks Miku to take her order, which is is Yowane Haku. When Neru and Miku ask her what she wants to eat, Yowane says "I'd like Miku-san please..." and "After her shift, then..." Making both of them confused. Kaiyto and Meyko arrive and look perplexed as Miku and Neru look very puzzled at Yowane Haku's requests.

Spring Onion 12 - Hachune Miku's Part Time Job Side B[edit | edit source]

Sweet Ann, Rin, and Len arrive at the restraunt. Ann sees the place as famous for the cute uniforms Miku and Rin are wearing. When they greeted them, Rin wishes to give up oranges so that she can be like her. Then, the manager of the restraunt, LEON, peeks from behind asking in a french accent if everyone is working hard. Neru says that he designed the uniforms. Then LEON steps on out wearing the woman's uniform, causing Akita to yell at him not to come out like that and throw a wood plate at him. Then LEON happily says to Miku that she hasn't gotten the hang of it yet. Miku really apologizes, but he says that her character is "très cliché" And loves Neru's scolding. Rin yells because she sees it as "Masochism". Then Miku quietly takes an onion out of Ann's bag, and shoves it up on her nose by herself. Turning back into her usual self. LEON sees the surprise, But Miku angrily throbs him and yells "SHUT UP! YOU... HAIRY BEAST! SISSY! FAKE FOREIGNER!" With LEON faking being dead internally, Miku takes the stage and declares the restraunt under HER control as well as allowing ANYONE to wear the uniforms. Fan-gitrl screams deafened the place and Peopl cheered "All hail Miku!" While Kaiyto trembles next to Len in fear. Meanwhile, Rin imagines herself grown. The grown Rin gets a scout from Wat, saying that there's a scout of her, they must have her and she could be famous for this; only to have Miku interupt her daydream. Haku and Ann tell her that they're out of food, deserts, and cake, but Miku doesn't care saying "If they have no cake, let them eat Spring Onions." Kaiyto steps in to stop Miku's tyranny, but Miku forces him to give in by showing him Meyko Ron, and Len wearing uniforms, after taking s many pictures since the take-over, everyone wanted to buy the photos (300 yen each) while Haku moans "Men are gross..." Later that evening, they all have dinner from the hard work while Rin teases Miku that she just sat and gave order and not doing any work. That next day, Miku gained some weight from eating too much, much to everyone's shock.

Spring Onion 14 - Hachune Miku's Misunderstanding[edit | edit source]

After Kaiyto takes a bath, Miku and Rin look at him from behind. To play dumb, they shouted "OH NO, A PERV!!" Meiko saw Kaiyto chasing them, and hits him with her right hand as a punch. Miku and Rin lied to Meiko about what happened. After Kaiyto says. "I know... I'm so embarrassed!" Meyko beats him with her punch again, this time; sending him flying. Leon watches as Akita feeds Len a banana, then Kaiyto lands right on top of him! Just as Leon sees him unconscious, Kaiyto wakes up, another misunderstanding and runs away all scared. He runs to Bear-san; Just as Miku and Rin are talking about him chasing them half naked. He then shows up, kaing Miku and Rin run away again. While running, Yowane Haku appears suddenly, and Kaiyto falls onto her. Meiko finds him and Yowane says "You said you weren't serious...Men are the worst." to a fractured Kaiyto. After Meiko finally understands what REALLY happened, Kaiyto is resulted in hospitalization as he fractured his legs and his right hand. "Sorry" was written on the left foot cast, and a word of apology from Miku and Rin.

  • Featuring: Hachune Miku, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len, Meyko, Kaiyto, Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, LEON, Kuma Uta,

9781626926820 manga-hachune-mikus-everyday-vocaloid-paradise-2-primary.jpg

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

  • Published date: January 2010

This volumes consists the first appearance of Luka's derivative; Megyurine Luka. And the one to not include a grown Miku from the lack of onions. It also shows LEON, Akita, Yowane, Sweet Ann, and the Kuma Uta less frequently since Luka's appearance.

Spring Onion 15 - Hachune Miku's Showdown[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Hachune Miku, Kagaumine Rin, Meyko, Kaiyto, Sweet Ann, Kagaumine Len (Cameo)

Hachune finds a gameboard to play with Rin. She gets upset when Rin boasts that she is winning and is the best, She tries a distraction and a fake secret technique, but it comically fails. Kaiyto hears them fighting, he goes inside their room, and they begin blaming each other. When Kaiyto tries to get them to break it up, they impulsively snap on purpose and drag him for their "showdown" which is a trivia contest. No matter what question Kaiyto gave to Miku, she gives wrong, ridiculous, and stupid answers on purpose. She even says that she's ALWAYS serious even though she isn't. When Rin is told to hit the answer button more, she just sighs and feels down because she fears that Miku will win with all of the good jokes. After explaining to Meyko that never had their showdown, she managed to get them to stop fighting, because they won't listen to Kaiyto. Sweet Ann tells them "When snot nosed kids fight, nobody wins!". Meyko then offers Miku to play with her, making Kaiyto comment on how she would be a great mother someday. Suddenly, Miku boasts YAAAAY! I win!!!" Much to everyone's surprise.

Spring Onion 16 - Hachune Miku's New Year[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Hachune Miku, Kagaumine Rin, Meyko, Kagaumine Len, Kaiyto

Hachune Miku wants to so something for the New Year; Like Kakizome  (書き初め, literally "first writing") a Japanese term for the first calligraphy written at the beginning of a year, traditionally on January 2. Other terms include 吉書 (kissho), 試筆 (shihitsu) and 初硯 (hatsusuzuri). Since knowing what Kakizome is, Miku and Rin ask Meyko for a brush and ink. She also suggested to play Pin-The-Face and eat some new year's soup leaving the two of them almost emotional. While Rin thinks about what to write for her Kakizome, Miku shows hers "Maui (Innocence)". Curious of Rin's she snatches it, It reads "Fujiko Mine". (From the Manga Lupin III) When they take a look at Lens Kakizome, he wrote Bou (Voilence), Ka (Song), Ro (Hearth), I (Well) and Ro (Anger). It is spelled out as "Vocaloid", but individually, they can be read in a very ominous way.... Then, the played Pin-The-Face. Rin was way off on which parts she pinned. Miku's funny face turned out to be perfect. Suggesting that she might have cheated or has found a different picture. Kaiyto shows Len how to spin a top, and wrap the thread around the top. But Lens eyes have already become dizzy from speeing the spinning top. Elsewhere, Hachune tries to knock away a piece of a giant Daruma using a hammer. When she does this, the piece whacks Kaiyto RIGHT in the back of his head! Afterwards, Miku, Rin, and Len ate some Mochi. Rin and Miku stretched some stretchy Mochi from their mouths. It then splats back at their heads. While the two think about what to play next outside, they noticed an unconscious Len. Rin screamed his name with Miku fearing that he choked on his Mochi.

Spring Onion 17 - Hachune Miku's Snow Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Hachune Miku, Kagaumine Rin, Kagaumine Len, Akita Neru, Yowane Haku, Kaiyto

On a cold January day, Rin sees the snow pilling up many inches. She also sees a snowman with Miku's dopey face. While patting it, Miku freaks out as her head suddenly pops right out of the snow. Rin doesn't know how Miku almost got turned into a snowman. Miku explained that she got excited when it was snowing, so she brought Len with her to watch the snowflakes falling from the sky. Then, she fell asleep. In that case, she got buried in snow in her sleep. Rin asked where Len is. Miku points at him which he is also burined into a snowman. While Rin tries to wake Len up thinking he has frostbite, Miku thinks that he looks great causing Rin to pinch her. Next, she feels blinded by Rin's kindness for Len; making her threatening to pinch her again. Suddenly, Akita Neru arrives to say Happy New Year. She then stutters in her tsundere personality when she sees Len. Yowane Haku then hugs Miku tightly on her waist wanting to be with her all year along and never let her go; making Miku freak out. Rin warns the two that there's a pitch of ice, but they slipped on it. Akita Neru says "Y-you never change, do you..." Making the freaking out Miku to accuse her of making fun of her. She demands that hopes that she would slip on a banana peel. Akita doesn't believe her...until she slips onto one! Feeling smug, Miku wonders if she forgot Len's favorite food while laughing at Neru. This makes her throw a snowball at Miku. she laughs "Now who's the loser?" causing her to throw many snowballs back at Neru as well as causing a giant snowball fight. Kaiyto wonders what's causing the racket. Seeing Miku and Neru fight. They then bash and bury Kaiyto with snowballs.

Spring Onion 18 - Hachune Miku's Phone[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Wat, Meyko, Kaguamine Rin, Kaiyto, Hachune Miku, Kaguamine Len (Mentioned) Sweet Ann, (Mentioned) Megyurine Luka (Secretly cameo mentioned)
  • This chapter foreshadows Megyurine Luka's arrival such as stated when Wat leaves a message that a new member will arrive at the Vocaloid Manor, which is likely based on Luka's official appearance and for her two demo songs before her release.

Rin answers the phone. She hears a message saying "I've kidnapped your precious daughter! Mwa ha ha!" She immediately noticed that it was Uncle Wat from Crypton knowing that he says the same message all the time. Wat says that he should expand his repertoire of jokes and the calls for Meyko, but promises Rin not to tell her its him. After Meyko picks up the phone, she hears Wat laugh "Heh heh... So this is Meyko-san? I've kidnapped your precious daughter!" After a few moments of silence, Meyko runs away screaming and looking for Miku and Len, as well as easily falling for Wat's trick. Rin calls out that it's just Wat, but she doesn't listen to her. She begs Kaiyto for Miku and Len, he says that they're asleep. Leaving her relived. Wat apologizes to Rin for scaring Meyko. She also remembers that Kiayt does the rounds every night to check if nothing happens to the three of the them. Rin considers re-thinking about Kaiyto, but asks if her peeks in on Meyko and Sweet Ann. Then Miku wakes up with her bushy hair standing on end. Meyko takes Miku with her to fix her hair, and Rin goes to wake up Len. None of them realize that Wat is still on the phone. with nobody around the phone, he decides to leave a message. "A New guest is coming to vocaloid manor, so--". his messages repeats "So...so...so..." foreshadowing the future events.

Spring Onion 19 - Hachune Miku's Newcomer[edit | edit source]

  • Published date: Jan 30, 2009
  • Megyurine Luka, Meyko, Kaiyto, Hachune Miku, Kagaumine Rin
  • This chapter might be published and takes place in January 30, 2009 because the plot is based on the time Megurine Luka was released.

At a nearby station, Kaiyto hears someone call out "You there! pardon me." It was a cute looking rich girl with fully black eyes, swirly cheeks, and long straight pink hair; a gorgeous enchanting appearance. She asks if he is going to take her bag. Kaiyto has no idea who she is. So he asks " U-um, miss, who see you...?" But then the woman slaps him in the face demanding that "A servant ought not speaks at all!". Then Meyko arrives. The Pink haired girl recognized her, but Meyko doesn't. She then remembered that Wat-san did tell them (from the phone incident) and that a newcomer is moving into Vocaloid Manor. The Polite Pink haired rich girl's name is Megyurine Luka. (she wants to study the commoner's life style) When Meyko is showing Luka the manor, Luka sees Rin and Miku for the first time wondering who might "these tiny little creatures be". Miku and Rin aren't sure if they'll get along with Luka, because they believe that she seems standoffish. When Luka requests some sushi for the welcome party, They're are now eager to befriend her. When the sushi is done, Luka is suddenly shedding tears without making any sobbing sounds. Then, she complained that it's not the sushi she's heard about. She wants the avocado, the salmon skin, and the live kappa. Suddenly, Megyurine Luka becomes enchanted by pickled ginger in the shape of a pink rose. Since it's color is the same as her hair, she tastes it. She is then fulled with Affinity for the pickled ginger.

Spring Onion 20 - Hachune Miku's Errand Side-A[edit | edit source]

Megyurine Luka has been requested to do an errand, but she thinks that Kaiyto should do it becuase she believe that errand should be left to the servants. "Kaiyto-kun isn't a servant, you know." Meyko says to her. But Luka asks if hes a gofer. FInally Meyko says that he lives in the maor like the rest of them. Luka finally understand that the Vocaloid Manor has NO servants and Kaiyto is just like the others. Then giggling, she says "Your husband wouldn't be a servant, after all!" Causing Meyko go grow a beet red burning face, embarresed like crazy, and go flailing everywhere. Miku and Rin saw what was going on. They're confused on what she's freaking out about. Rin says that her "engines overheatin'". Then, the silent Len pokes Luka slightly, She and Len look at each other quietly; making eye contact and eye-to-eye communication. Reading Len's eyes, Luka believes that Len says "I'm impressed by Meyko-san's pure heart...And Rin-san's brains, and Miku-san's appetite." Then Meyko calms down Luka apologizes to her saying that she hopes that Kaiyto and Meyko do get married someday, causing her to reheat and freak out again. Kaiyto then comes out, scaring the embarrassed Meyko and says that her engine's overheating. Rin then cried because he said the same joke as she did. Before Kaiyto can comfort her, Miku slaps him for "breaking a maiden's heart". When Kaiyto apologizes again saying that he got revved up about the engine joke, Rin just bawls again while Miku smacks and beats him up. Luka asks a calm down Meyko that if he isn't a slave, She begs her not to say that for his sake.

Spring Onion 21 - Hachune Miku's Errand Side-B[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Megyurine Luka, Kagaumine Rin, Akita Neru, Kagaumine Len, Hachune Miku, Yowane Haku (cameo), Kuma Uta (Cameo)

Meyko gives Luka a list of things to buy; As well as requesting Rin and Luka to help her because she'll give them pocket money.With Len staring Luka and Rin translated as "Mey-chan, thanks for the pocket money." Mey-chan, you gained some weight..." Miku mistranslated with the slip of the tongue, causing Meyko to angrily glare at her. Rin questions Luka on how she can understand Len as well. Luka says beautifully "It's hard to explain, but... If I can open my heart and listen carefully, I can hear the whisper of his heart." Her ability makes the others stunned. While Luka looks at the list, someonce crossed out Ice cream with 1 ton of Spring Onion, hinting that Miku sabotaged the list. At the store Rin helps Luka out while Miku runs off on her on her own yelling "Taiyaki! As Luka walks through the store, she comes across Akita Neru who gives her and Rin a huge welcome. SInce seeing Len with Rin, she acts overly tsundere about him, making Rin to have comebacks jokes at her. Luka then introduces herself to Neru, She then givers her a nice welcome, but Rin says that she can already understand Len, making her tsundere again. Luka tries to calm her down saying "Just look at that beautiful face. You're so lovely when you smile, why waste it?". But to almost no effect. Rin wondered where Miku went. She's at a One-Girl Spring Onion eating contest. When they went back home, Luka had fun and learned a lot about errands. But she then gasps because she realized that she forgot the money; which was important for errands.

Spring Onion 22 - Hachune Miku's Runaway Side-A[edit | edit source]

A story that breaks the traditional 4koma layout in favor of a more manga-esque style (with no punchline in the last panel).

While Hachune Miku is walking around the garden, a kitten jumped out of the grass, bites and jumps onto Miku's head. After begin knocked out, Miku gets playfully licked; But because the kitten was so hungry that it collapsed. Miku digs around the house trying to find the snack for the kitten. She gives the kitten Milk; but it's Rin's secret milk for big breasts (Or maybe it was just a coincidence). Miku suggests that the cat can live them them...only to find Meiko right behind her. Miku explains that the room was scattered when giving milk to the kitten, but she was misunderstandingly scolded because she tried to appreciate the responsibility to the kitten.Miu yells "Mey-chan, I hate you!"and runs off; Much to Meiko and Kaiyto begin worried, because they believe that Miku doesn't behave like THAT.

Spring Onion 21 - Hachune Miku's Runaway Side -B[edit | edit source]

the second art of the story that breaks the traditional 4koma layout in favor of a more manga-esque style (with no punchline in the last panel).

Miku decides to live with the kitten from now on. But she needs to give the kitten a name and calls it "Spot". Hearing he stomach rumbling, she decides to gets some food. She then carries her assets which are some yen coins. Seeing their new "home", Miku crawls into a giant tunnel in the shape of a pipe. She likes it, but it's very quiet. Spot starts purring. Miku wonders it it lonely causing her to cry softly. She then decides to help find Spot's REAL family as she believes she can get by on her own. She then hears someone call "What a silly thing to say!" It was Meyko. She fully understand what Miku was trying to do the whole time and compliments her, causing Miku to bawl into her arms apologizing for saying something impulsive to her. Then a parent cat appears which turns out to be Spot's mother. Miku gives Spot back to her mother and waves goodbye, hoping to meet her again. While seeing a nearby Sakura tree. Miku realized the importance of her family again under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

Spring Onion 22 - Hachune Miku's Reunion Side-A[edit | edit source]

Meyko wonders what was Luka's life like before she moved in because she was a rich girl. Luka believes her life to be normal. Because she had a pool, a heliport, her maid was always with her, the servants took care of the chores, and the chef took care of of the chores. But Meyko says that her life isn't normal because most people don't have maids or servants. Before she can say that this house has a servant to Kaiyto, she remembers that he is not a servant and quickly takes it back. While watching Miku kicking Rin into her sand mountain and with Rin kicking Miku, Luka says that she envies the children because their so wild and free. Rin and Miku see Sweet An return from visiting her parents and she has brought souvenirs. Miku asked if she farted because she smelled something worrying if her attack made Rin all smelly. Scenes go back and forth from Luka talking to Meyko about her singing instructor to Miku and Rin with Ann. When Sweet Ann comes into the manor. She and Luka instantly see each other causing Ann to flee, but Luka knows who she is and hugs her calling out her name in complete joy.

Spring Onion 22 - Hachune Miku's Reunion Side-B[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Megyurine Luka, Sweet Ann, Hachune Miku, Kagauine Rin, Kagaumine Len, Meyko, Kaiyto, Kuma Uta.
  • This chapter reveals Luka's relationship with Sweet Ann. In reality, there's hardly anything about Megurine Luka and Sweet Ann duets. One English song of them together is a cover song called "Luka + Sweet Ann ~ Night Fever." a samfree styled song mixed by アンメルツP. It can be viewed here. And another song called "Through the Night" by Kentai-P; which came out two years later and it can also be viewed here.

Meyko comes to conclusion that Sweet Ann and Megyurine Luka know each other and that Ann is Luka's singing instructor. Luka asks why Ann left without saying anything? (With Miku disguising as Luka saying that she swore they would spend their lives together; calling her a player.) Ann regrets leaving without good-byes, but she came to Japan for good reasons like Akiba. She even bonded with the children at music school. Their smiles made her so happy, she also came to Japan for that reason leaving Luka in love with her personality. Luka is so in ecstasy that she lunged onto Anna and hugging her refusing to let her go forever. Ann tries to get her to let go. Meanwhile, Miku disguises as Luka and Rin disguises as Ann trying to copy their personalities. Meyko tries to get Luka to calm down, she translates a worrying Len's stares as if he's saying "Go for it!". Once she finally calms down about the reunion, Sweet Ann brought out some souvenirs. Rin asks about the files she's holding. It turns out. It's Surströmming, Illegal to import to Japan, and it is the smelliest food on Earth. She happily gives it to the others, but they're all too disgusted about the smell and run away as they refuse to eat it. As well as Kuma Uta fainting from the smell and Rin and Miku playing cave-women with him. After Ann boasts about her prank being a success, Rin and Miku tie her up while wearing gas masks. Before they can showed a canned fish in her mouth, Luka interrupts, wondering why they're all afraid of the fish. She eats it normally; much to everyone's disgust; thinking of her as a weird insane person.

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

9781626927308 manga-hatsune-miku-presents-hachune-mikus-everyday-vocaloid-paradise-volume-3-primary.jpg

This volumes consists Yonago's Spring Onion mascots the Yonegiz, And the special LoiPara band edition Yonokoma.

Spring Onion 30 - Hachune Miku's Celebration[edit | edit source]

  • Published Date: November 5-6, 2009
  • Featuring: Meyko, Hachune Miku, Kaguamine Rin, Kaguamine Len, Megyurine Luka, Kaiyto, Yowane Haku (mentioned)
  • This chapter may be published and takes place during November 5, 2009 or November 6, 2009 because November 5, 2004 was the time MEIKO was released, This chapter takes place 5 years after that, and during the year Megurine Luka was released.

Kaiyto tells Miku and Rin that Meyko's birthday is this month in November; as well as telling them to keep the surprise a secret, but Miku tells her anyway. Meyko feels so flattered by the thought that she tells them that they don't need to throw her a party because they have fun nearly EVERY DAY of their lives. Miku discards then plan, which makes Meyko change her mind. Then, Rin jumps in, saying that Kaiyto is in charge of the party and that Meyko will get a present from him As well as a saying "Yer present this year.. is me."; making Meyko more embarrassed about her feelings for him. Rin then tells Megyurine Luka about the birthday surprise, which makes Luka want to prepare a present for Meyko. Because she's so flattered, She only wants a little thing for a gift, Not renovations to the Vocaloid Manor, not even twice as big as the Tokyo Dome. While thinking about what to buy, they all got an idea to get Meyko a book because she loves reading; making Miku plan to ask Haku which kind of book to buy. At the day of the party, they all threw the expected suprise to her, but Meyko doesn't say or do anything but sniffle a bit. They think Meyko's crying tears of joy, but she says that her birthday was yesterday (November 5). Miku and Rin try to aplogize, but since Meyko knows that Kaiyto sets the date for the party that she angrily grabs him in the scarf. Len than tugs Meyko's arm and uses his quiet communication to tell her that he already semi-conscious from being slightly strangled in the scarf. After he, Rin and Miku apologized to her, Meyko forgives Kaiyto, but then she angrily makes him promise not to make that mistake again. Afterwards, Miku and Rin give her the book that Haku suggested. "A Bride's Guide: Finding A Groom!" leaving Meyko more mortified than ever.

Spring Onion 34 - Hachune Miku's Bath[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Megyurine Luka, Sweet Ann, Hachune Miku, Kagauine Rin, Kagaumine Len, Meyko, Kaiyto,

Miku, Rin, and Luka are having a bath. Miku stares at Rin's bathing cap and imagines it as Gelato, whipped cream, or frozen yogurt. When Miku tells rin that her head looks like yummy gelato, Rin says that her tied up pigtails look like pickled mustard greens. Feeling offended. Miku and Rin go off on each other while Luka gets scared at this. From insults like "Hachune Stinku" To "Kagelato Rin", Luka nervously stutters "You really mustn't fight..." But Miku and Rin scream at her not to stick her nose in their battle, frightening her. Miku and Rin make a ruckus; loudly splashing each other while Luka trembles and cowers in fear. Meyko yells at the two to keep it down, but they accidentally splashed her right in the face. Startled, they knock themselves out for angering Meyko with their impulsive behavior. She demands them to apologize to Luka for scaring her and for not listening to her; Luka forgives them though. Kaiyto asks is he and Len can use the bath next. Rin and Miku say that he can drink some of their bath water. (Which is a very stupid thing to say). Luka hears Kaiyto and says that he and Len are doing some secret training in the bath. This suddenly attracts Sweet Ann, making her blush and think over the secret training. It turns out, the secret training is actually teaching Len how to squirt water with his palms. Len presses his thumbs together and accidentally splashes water on his face. After doing it correctly, Kaiyto compliments him; Much to Miku, Rin, and Luka's confusion while Ann stares while blushing very embarrassed. Afterwards, While Meyko is straightening and refreshing Luka's hair, she comments on how she loved the style of Japanese baths. But she thought there would be Ukiyo-E paintings and a wrestling ring as well, much to Meyko's confusion. Elsewhere, Miku asks Rin if the milk is working, but she seems too quiet. Miku apologizes, but Rin kindly says "Nah, It's awright."

Spring Onion 41 - Hachune Miku's Convention[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: Megyurine Luka, Sweet Ann, Hachune Miku, Kagauine Rin, Kagaumine Len, Meyko, Kaiyto

Sweet Ann is hosting an anime convention. And chose Kaiyto all dressed up as a drag queen. Acting childish and embarrassed, he wonders why to wear that girly costume. Sweet Ann says that he'll do anything for her. Sweet Ann says that she's selling her original manga, and the convention is for that purpose. As citizens arrived for the manga, they're attracted to the gothloli costume Kaiyto is wearing; as well as thinking of him as a female. They then think about Ann's next manga Kalien, and Lenkai; as well as gender-swap in the stories, making Kaiyto confused. Once the manga has sold out, a citizen asks Ann for her to sketch in his book, in which she does, but she draws a sketchbook IN the book! Ann lets Kaiyto go for the day. Relived, he asks Ann not to tell the others from Vocaloid Manor. She promises because the other members of the Vocaloid Manor came as already. Kagaumine Rin is cosplaying as Cure Blossom, Hachune Miku is dressed up as Cure Marine from HeartCatch PreCure,Kagaumine Len is in a cute duck suit, and Megyurine Luka is dressed up as Miyuki Takara from the anime Lucky Star. Then Meyko arrived with her haircut and in a cosplay. She sees Kaiyto, but doesn't realize that it was him in drag. She feels embarrassed in her new outfit, and finds it more mortifying if Kaiyto were to see her in it. Then Hachune and Rin look from behind so attracted to Kaiyto's cosplay; Rin slightly touches the wig and says "Drag?..." Then, much to everyone's horror, Rin drags the wig off of Kaiyto's head, leaving everyone flabbergasted.

Spring Onion 44 - Hachune Miku's Yonago Tour[edit | edit source]

  • Published: August, 2010
  • Featuring: The Yonegiz mascots, Hachune Miku, Kaguamine Rin, Megyurine Luka, Meyko, Kaiyto, Kaguamine Len (cameo)
  • This chapter all shows the collaboration between the Yonegiz and Hachune Miku during August 2010 to late 2010.


Meyko hears the doorbell. When she opens it, She sees two live spring onion mascots. She quickly shuts the door in disgust. She opens it again and the onions introduce themselves as The Yonegiz; The Mascot characters of Yonago city in Tottori. Negita and Negiko. They have been looking for the one who loves spring onions the most; which is Hachune Miku. They congratulate Meyko believing that she's Miku. After explaining to them, they see Hachune Miku in front of their eyes. Miku freezes in place after seeing live talking onions, she suddenly chomps Negita in the head, much to Negiko's horror. The Yonegiz takes the vocaloid group for a tour on Yonago City. Rin and Kaiyto are amazed at the view of Mt. Fuji. But Negita says that mountain is Mt. Daises, the tallest peak in the Chuuugoku Region. Because of the resemblance, it's sometimes called "Houki Fuji" (Like Houki Provinence). They then took a tour at the Kaike Hot Springs and Beach. Megyurine Luka loves how the water feels. Negita teaches the others that The water quality's been certified by the ministry of the environment. Later on, Meyko buys the other a watermelon. Hachune loves to play the watermelon splitting game. Negita begs her not to compare to or use him as a stick. They all then relaxed at the Kaike Hot Spring. The spring's sea water's salt content is high. The hot sring is also good for neuralgia, rheumatism, and clear skin. They announced the time for dinner, but Meyko want to stay one more hour, but Rin and Miku fear that she'd be cooked by the heat. For dinner, the meals are the Special Spring Onion and Soy Milk hotpot, plus acorn side dishes. Luka asks if acorns are edible? Negiko comments that Acorn powder can processed into many different foods. Luka thought they were raw acorns. After dinner, Negiko asks Miku what does she think of Yonago's Onions, but she gets frightened again when Miku chomp's onto Negita's head again. They all watched the Gaina fireworks. They all felt so at home after seeing them. After the tour, Miku loved Yonago City. She thanks the Yonegiz and promises to come back soon as they happily wave their goodbyes.

Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Spring Onion 45 -[edit | edit source]

Mini-Yonokoma[edit | edit source]

We're here!: 2008/10/18[edit | edit source]

"Hey! It's-a-me! Hachune Miku!" Miku breaks the fourth wall greeting the readers. "We're gonna be all over the web now!" Rin boasts. They then realize that they're born on the web, and they'll grow up on the web. The Miku laments that they'll die on the web, but Rin yells at her not to say that because it's bad luck.

  • When Miku says "It's-a-me!" It's the popular catchphrase from the Mario video games.

In one ear, out the other: 2008/10/25[edit | edit source]

Rin tells Miku that she's been wondering. They're vocaloids right? "So when do we get to sing?" Rin asks. Miku just whistles a tune. Rin yells "Vocaloids don't whistle!" even if they possibly can.

Important Announcement?: 2008/11/05[edit | edit source]

Hachune and Kaguamine make an announcement on TV. "Hachune Miku is going to be an anime!" The production has already begun and they tell the viewers to look forward to it; It turns out that it was a dream Miku had one time. Rin tells her to save that type of stuff for April.

  • In the second panel, A hidden message says "Happy Birthday, Meyko-neesan!'" Which shows that this yonkoma was printed on November 5, 2008.

How Valuable?:[edit | edit source]

Rin says being published on the web is like a dream. Miku says "Darn tootin'!" even though she doesn't have a kansai dialect as well as Rin does. "This is a valuable chance, y'all!" Rin says again. Miku thinks as valuable as putting your hands on your hips when you line up (Which is a very weird choice!).

Christmas (Before): 2008/12/12[edit | edit source]

Miku and Rin re-call the time "Christmas" When the good get presents. When Rin knits her stocking, she gets surprised at Miku's HUGE stocking even taller than her!

Christmas (After): 2009/01/02[edit | edit source]

Miku starts sobbing. Rin asks what is she crying abut. Miku says that Santa gave her Spring Onion in a box inside that giant stocking. Rin thinks that might upset Miku for not having many onions, but she still cries thanking Santa; confusing Rin if Miku is crying tears of joy.

Peach Blossom Festival: 2009/02/26[edit | edit source]

Luka can't wait for the Peach Blossom/Doll Festival, and it is her first Japanese event. But because she doesn't know much about Japan, Miku takes this to her advantage and tells her that she can be a peach doll. Leading Rin to call her naïve and an airhead through the series.

Spring Scenery: 2009/04/28[edit | edit source]

Miku and Rin and Luka are enjoying a spring day, but Miku notices how it keeps swinging from hot to old. Rin comments on how it's much colder at night. Luka notices someone wearing a coat, but she believes that a coat with nothing under it wouldn't keep you warm making Miku and Rin run away screaming "9-1-1! 9-1-1!"

Yonegiz Yonokoma: 2010/08/14[edit | edit source]

  • Featuring: The Yonegiz mascots, Hachune Miku, Kaguamine Rin, Megyurine Luka, Meyko, Kaiyto, Kaguamine Len (cameo)
  • This chapter all shows the collaboration between the Yonegiz and Hachune Miku during August 2010 to late 2010.

Miku and Rin meet the Yonegiz Negita and Negiko. Even they have acorn pouches named "Washiwagi-san". Miku loved them, but she drools in hunger because i she had to pick, she choose the onions. The Yonegiz look horrified and Rin protect them from Miku's hunger.

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