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  • "Haunt Me"
Published Jun 1, 2014, with 120+ YouTube views


It's mostly about post-breakup feelings where you blame yourself for everything that went wrong, but have to accept that breakups can't be 100% blamed on 1 person (in most cases, at least).
—author comment


Once upon a time, you stood beside me
And protected me from myself.
But you've left me behind,
Crossing worlds, where I can't reach you.

I know I don't deserve you,
But letting go
Is just so hard.

Every piece of me is numb,
Yet I feel
Every drop of pain as violently
As I'd felt the first time.

Lead me back to your bed, where I
Can finally rest.
Close my eyes -
I've foreseen the end

With each breath I take,
Your voice haunts me,
Taunts me.
This pain is going to overflow and pour
Out of me

Anniversaries and birthdays -
Voices, faces -
I wish
They meant nothing, but they're burned into me as
Though they're a lifetime of sins and I am
Awaiting judgment.

Wherever I turn, you are
Always there -
The things
You loved and all the things that you had hated -
They dictate -

They dictate my very being.
I am sorry that I
Couldn't be the one; you know that I tried.

All that I had ever wanted
Was for you to love me too.

With every breath that I take,
Your voice haunts
Me, haunts me, haunts me, haunts me.
The desire to hear you
Again is the only thing I
Can feel, and I can say
I would give anything to run

Back into your arms and say
That I was the one who was wrong,

But I know that's not true;
You were the one
Who was in the wrong.

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