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  • "Hear Me"
Published Jan 18, 2014, with 100+ YouTube views and 10+ SoundCloud views


I would give my life to burn these
Twisted contracts and save
Your life
The way you saved mine

I've often told myself
To wake up, but
I'm just so hopelessly
Infatuated with the past,
And all of my
Memories now

Dance like the broken shards
Of a fragile mirror, and
Even if you're ready for me to let go,
I never want
These dreams to end, and I
Can't help but hold on to them.
You know I can't erase them now.

I'm crying -
Can anyone hear me?
Someone please tell me
That it's all in my head.

Can I really live
In a world where you
Do not exist?

Hear me as I
Lie next to your grave
And speak with you
Until the dawn lays you to

My soul has died
With yours.
Please forgive me if
I don't make it -
Make it through this night.

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