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Image of "Heart of Gold"
Song title
  • "Heart of Gold"
Published March 21, 2013 (YT) / July 02, 2013 (NND), with 1,000+ Niconico views
  • Creep-P (music, lyrics)
  • iXima (illust)
  • Apple-P (vocal rendering)


After awhile, I finally finished it!! Wow, this was a b▬tch; mainly after a 'critique' I got, saying it was a ripoff of another song. But this is my favorite song in the whole world to me!! It has so much work into it!
And this song was written mainly about my ex-boyfriend, who lied to me about cancer.
And once again...
—author's comment

"Heart of Gold" is an original song composed by Creep-P with KAITO.

The song was released as a single and featured in the Creep-P's album The Missing Ones.

Succeeding versionsEdit

nostr8answer Remix
The Missing Ones Deluxe
KAITO V3 English
TheCreepyPie x Kenji-B
Categories Remix
The remix was featured on deluxe edition of album The Missing Ones. The album went unavailable since then.


I had a heart of gold
But the day I met you
The silver started to grow
How, is what I wanted to know

How do I look you in the eye?
How can I even try?
If the choice is your love
I would rather die

I hate everything about you
Why are you right still here?
I hate everything about you
But why are you in my heart?
I never played any of these games
My heart can it be tamed?
But why did it
even start?

Why are you still here, I left you there
The taste of your bitter tears
I hate you, with a passion
Yet your love is my fashion

Everything you know about me
Is all a lie
If I knew much more of you
I would just die


Heart of Gold Single
The cover of Krypt Creeper's released single
Heart of gold the missing ones crossfade
"Heart of Gold" on the crossfade for The Missing Ones.

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