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i This subject is a policy.

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This is a guideline policy for album pages featured on the VOCALOID Wiki. While participation is encouraged it is requested that you first understand and follow these guidelines or refrain from editing.

The basicsEdit

Album page preload templatesEdit

NON-ROMANIZED SONG ARTICLES: {{Non-Romanized album article/preload}} {{English album article/preload}} {{Spanish album article/preload}}

ROMANIZED SONG ARTICLES: {{Romanized album article/preload}} {{Chinese album article/preload}} {{Japanese album article/preload}} {{Korean album article/preload}}

Album page namingEdit

Every album page will use the title uploaded by the producer, with some exceptions given.

Titles in the Latin alphabet keep their names for the page's heading. E.g.

 • English→The BIG ALbum
 • Romanian→Vise de îndrăgostit (single)

Titles in non-Latin alphabets or scripts have the original title followed by romanization in parentheses. The parenthesized word should not be in English. E.g.

 • Russian→Место под солнцем (Mesto Pod Solntsem)
 • Chinese→平行四界 (Píngxíng Sì Jiè)

Titles in non-Latin alphabets or scripts using words foreign to their origin are to be properly written and not romanized. E.g.

 • Japanese→ハローワールド (Hello World) (album)  not ハローワールド (Harōwārudo) (album)

Unique titlingEdit

Pages with a lowercase title, such as in the BOX, a qualifier, or impossible symbols like will require the DISPLAYTITLE template:

 • {{DISPLAYTITLE:Lorem ''ipsum'' dolor}}

Please place below external links.

Disambiguation titlingEdit

If two albums by different producers have the same title, or similar variations thereof, then a title will require a qualifier using a slash "/". E.g.

 • Alone/kimpaksa (album) and Alone/Morishita Ryou (album)Alone (disambiguation)
 • Lost & Found and lost and foundLost (disambiguation)

Redirect titlesEdit

For the convenience of people using the search bar or linking to a song page from a another page, it's recommended that you create a redirect.

Redirects are kept track on the wiki by use of the {{Redirect}} template. E.g.

{{Redirect|<alt>|<Japanese album>}}
English→The Heart of Azalea  redirects to アザレアの心臓 (Azalea no Shinzou)
{{Redirect|<eng>|<Japanese album>}}
English→Heart of Azalea  redirects to アザレアの心臓 (Azalea no Shinzou)
{{Redirect|<rom>|<Japanese album>}}
Romanization→Azalea no Shinzou  redirects to アザレアの心臓 (Azalea no Shinzou)

Album boxEdit

The {{Album box}} parameters must be in this order, do not rearrange or collapse this structure.

color =
#000000; color: #FFFFFF;
See Vcolor/doc for more information.
image =
The file name of an image to display.
title =
To title Albums add "'''This Format'''".
To title translations use plain text format below it.
date =
The month, date, and year the album was first published.
To hide this section add  date = none
price =
The price origin and amount of the album.
To hide this section add  price = none
singers =
To link VOCALOIDs add [[This Format]].
To link wikis see Interwiki/doc for more information.
producers =
To link Producers add [[This Format]].
To link wikis see Interwiki/doc for more information.
affiliation =
The groups or labels affiliated with the album.
To hide this section add  affiliation = none

Album page layoutEdit


See the documentations: {{Notify templates/doc}} for a list of notifications commonly seen on album pages. Use when needed.


Every album page should provide information about the its history. For example:

  • A {{quote}} by the author(producer), the album's original description, or a popularized interpretation(s).
  • Its series plot, instrumental and genre usage, video contents, public issues or impact, commercialization, remixes etc.
  • Remember to be objective and unbiased; don't place personal opinions within the article. The comment section is available for such opinions.
  • The {{AlbumWIP/Background}} template will inform readers of the section's progress.
  • If the above examples are not possible then place: No further details about this album were given.

Preceding and Succeeding versionsEdit

The Gallery format will display any previous or future works in relation to an album.

<gallery position=center hideaddbutton="true">
File.png|[[Song_title (Romanized_title)]]

Track listingEdit


  • Non-Romanized listings such as English titles are relatively simple. Every non-romanized album page will use the {{Track listing}} template.

{{Track listing
| all_writing     = Producer. All music produced by Producer, except where noted
| total_length    = 10:00

| title1          = Song_title1
| length1         = 1:00

| title2          = Song_title2
| length2         = 2:00

All tracks written by Producer. All music produced by Producer, except where noted.

Total length:10:00


  • VOCALOID Wiki uses a |note = parameter to present titles that have romanization. The original titles are above and the romanization is on below. Every romanized album page will use the {{Track listing}} template.

{{Track listing
| all_writing     = Producer. With arrangements by Producer
| total_length    = 10:00

| title1          = Song_title (Romanized_title)1
| note1           = Translated_title1
| length1         = 1:00

| title2          = Song_title (Romanized_title)2
| note2           = Translated_title2
| length2         = 2:00

All tracks written by Producer. With arrangements by Producer.

1."Song_title (Romanized_title)1" (Translated_title)1:00
2."Song_title (Romanized_title)2" (Translated_title2)2:00
Total length:10:00

Other media appearancesEdit

Every album that has gained notoriety shall go under this section and shall use headers to separate each appearance. Headers are a must even if one appearance is present.

The most common will include Promotional, Events, Editions, Bundles, and so on.


If there are needs to cite sources or minor trivia within the background section then create a reference.

To create a footnote
<ref name="name">...</ref>
For multiple use of the same inline citation or footnote
To be placed above External links.

External linksEdit

Every album page should have outside content to link to. This can include a official promotional art, public downloads, and social posts. Unofficial linkage can include articles and media sources.

Use the following templates and format to mark each section:




Every album page should have a category to be sorted into.

Is the default category for all album pages.
[[Category:LANGUAGE_here albums]]
Calls for a certain language an track lyrics are presented in, such as English for example. If a track is multilingual heavy then multiple language categories can be used.
[[Category:Albums featuring VOCALOID_name]]
Is the category to specify the singer featured in the album. E.g. Category:Albums featuring Hatsune Miku.
Other categories are the result of 'other media appearances' or miscellaneous subjects.

Other sectionsEdit


This section can include official artwork, concept art, merchandise, and so on.

Using the following format:

<gallery hideaddbutton="true">


This section is not required as the Background section should handle much of it. However, some exceptions can include easter eggs or missed lyrical implications. E.g. Nyan Cat.

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