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This is a guideline policy for disambiguation pages featured on the VOCALOID Wiki. While participation is encouraged it is requested that you first understand and follow these guidelines or refrain from editing.

Disambiguation pages (also known as Disambig) help readers find the particular article they want when there is topic ambiguity. See Wikipedia:Disambiguation for further information.

The basicsEdit

Disambiguation preload templatesEdit


Disambiguation page namingEdit

Every disambiguation page will be titled as the subject's name followed by "(disambiguation)", in lowercase. E.g. Love (disambiguation).

Disambiguation introEdit

For pages that feature a list of ambiguous names the template {{Disambiguation}} will be used. Followed by the text:
'''PAGENAME''' may refer to:


The pages are commonly organized into three sections: Producers, Albums, and Songs. Under these headers the articles are sorted alphabetically in ascending order.

  • Producers - Are any persons who created or collaborated to produce a song or album. Editors are to input the name of the producer(s), using *[[This Format]],   followed by their occupations.
  • Albums - Are a collection of music recordings. Editors are to input the name of the album, using *[[This Format]],   followed by the names of the producer(s).
  • Songs - Are a set of words set to music. Editors are to input the name of the song, using *[[This Format]],   followed by the featured vocalist(s) and then the names of the producer(s).
  • In each of these sections subjects with English titles (or that use the Latin alphabet) will come first. Other languages that require romanizations will be listed after. E.g Star (disambiguation).
    • You can add the translations or aliases of titles after romanizations. E.g. 星存 (Xīng Cún); Heart In The STAR.
  • If a word, such as Star, has derivative usage then these will become ===Sub-headers===. I.e. Lucky Star and Stardust.
  • If a word in a non-Latin language, such as Ai, reaches ambiguity then these are given the disambiguation qualifier and then redirected to the primary disambiguation page, which is always written in English. E.g. Ai (disambiguation)Love (disambiguation).

Tips to considerEdit

  • You can create a new page for the sake of it being a disambiguation qualifier: PAGENAME → PAGENAME_(disambiguation).
  • Or redirect an existing page title to the disambiguation page:
    #REDIRECT[[PAGENAME (disambiguation)]]
  • Other types of renaming include sorting subjects by qualifiers, such as PAGENAMEPAGENAME_(album) and also PAGENAME_(producer). The namespaces also provide a way to sort these pages by — Help, Project, and Template.
  • If an article occupies an ambiguous name then the {{For}} template can be used at the top of the page.

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