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i This subject is a policy.

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This is a guideline policy for articles featured on the VOCALOID Wiki. While participation is encouraged it is requested that you first understand and follow these guidelines or refrain from editing.

Examples of Usage sections are intended to give an introduction to a voicebanks capabilities and also leave a good impression of a the software.

The basicsEdit

Example of usage preload templatesEdit

{{ExampleEOU}} {{Derivative/preload}}

Example of usage page namingEdit

Every Example of Usage page will be titled as the vocalist's name followed by "/Examples of usage", with some exceptions given. E.g. IA/Examples of usage.

Example of usage sectionEdit

For pages that feature a vocalist the templates {{Music featuring}} template will be used. Followed by {{external search box}} and {{external search listing}}.


For every page that is featured it will use the {{Derivative}} template.


The pages are organized into four sections that can include originals and covers.

Original examplesEdit

It is preferred that Original songs are used for these sections. Due notice the wiki does not want to play preference for certain Producers, so out of respect we do not use more than 1 example per producer for each page. Producers use VOCALOID in different ways, but making sure we have different examples from different users gives us a higher chance for variety.

Cover examplesEdit

The wiki is aware originals may not be the case for many VOCALOIDS and also that Cover songs can showcase a voicebanks capabilities just as well. However, never add officially released demonstration or releases that are part of the VOCALOIDs sale promotions. These are to be presented on a voicebank page in the demonstration section.


A image (such as the image used on a song page) can be used as a thumbnail. But this isn't a requirement just an option. Currently the wiki's MediaWiki:External image whitelist is inaccessible thus only will display embedded thumbnails while other sources will not.

Tips to considerEdit

  • Readers and editors are free change the examples, however, please, study how the template works and understand that not all VOCALOIDs receive high usage and that different people have personal genre preferences. So any disputes, mistakes, or vandalism will be reverted.
  • Always try and link to official uploads when available. This means linking an upload by the original producers rather then an unauthorized reprints. And any linkage to POCALOID or other illegal software usage is prohibited.
  • The examples should contain examples from languages a vocal was developed for, this shows VOCALOIDs at their best.
  • We are not an advertisement space, so we ask that you do not add your own videos to a page for the purpose of being noticed. The song lists are available for such purpose.
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