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I̶t̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶H̶a̶l̶l̶o̶w̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶A̶m̶e̶r̶i̶c̶a̶,̶ ̶o̶k̶a̶y̶?̶!̶ Unbelievably, I finished this whole thing in a few days. I wish I had had more time to work on the picture. orz. Well, that taught me to procrastinate. Maybe I will make a full-length version when galaco NEO comes out? ... Probably not. It didn't even turn out good because tuning Japanese Vocaloids to sing English is so hard! It was so difficult I even had Yohioloid help her with some R's and Z's, and I had Gumi sing along with her the whole time. I didn't get to do my three part Yohioloid-Oliver-Galaco harmony idea because I forgot. Oops.

"Hero" is an original song by Corasundae featuring galaco along with YOHIOloid and GUMI in the chorus.


The door will finally close,
Look at how cruel they all are
I’m not asking for much, don’t start to panic
My life it hasn’t been long
Please show a little remorse
Don’t you know the worst of this
Just hasn’t come yet?

I know you’re scared,
But still come a little closer
They’ll taste your fear,
But don’t look over your shoulder now
I need you now, so be a little bolder
There’s nothing else,
There’s no other way out

Darkness closing in all around me,
My grief and fear surround me
Through the night
Something telling me in my heart
That my time is almost up
Desperately in my hour of need,
I turn to you, to help me through

Whatever you do, I beg you don’t let go
「助けて亅 (tasukete) (Help me)

Ah, stillest midnight dark
Heaven’s angels, hark!
My hero was
Somewhere faraway and never to return
Thrown away by one and all with nowhere left to turn
Shine, stars of the divine,
On this moonlit night
My hero had
Forsaken me and left me here to die
Over all my cries,
I hear the
Silver spirits
Singing softly

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