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Hidaomari, or Vlad Kolosov is a Russian VOCALOID producer known for his extensive usage of Mew. He is also an illustrator and he edits models for MMD. He made his debut in the VOCALOID community with a VY1 cover of "Circus Monster" in October 2011 but soon began to create his own works. He is a fan of the video game series League of Legends and Warhammer. Hidaomari was born in October 25, 1995 and currently resides in Moscow.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
Opium IA August 28, 2012 vocal edit
CHAOS I Mew October 21, 2012 music, lyrics
think of you Mew June 9, 2012 music, lyrics
Strangers Hatsune Miku Append Dark, Mew March 24, 2013 music, lyrics, art
Exodus Clara August 12, 2013 music, lyrics, art
Social Isolation Hatsune Miku English October 25, 2013 music, lyrics, art
INVALID PEOPLE AVANNA April 29, 2014 music, lyrics, art
Memoirs of a ghost Hatsune Miku Append Dark, Mew, Kaai Yuki June 14, 2014 music, lyrics, art
welcome to my world IA ROCKS August 17, 2014 music, lyrics, art
Happiness Mew October 21, 2014 music, lyrics, art
The Looking Glass Mew June 5, 2016 music, lyrics, art
Cry of the Banshee Mew July 9, 2019 music, lyrics, PV
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