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hide is a Japanese VOCALOID3 licensed to the YAMAHA Corporation via Universal Music Japan and developed by Headwax Organization Co., Ltd.. As a "private" VOCALOID he is not commercially distributed.

This voice was made in tribute to the singer Hideto Matsumoto (松本 秀人; Matsumoto Hideto).



Like the VOCALOID Ueki-loid, this vocal was an attempt to resurrect the voice of a singer who died. However, unlike Ueki-loid, this vocal did not use samples from relatives. Aside from the vocals, hide was also credited with producing the guitar and bass lines. The samples were extracted from his songs and the arrangement was done by musician INA, who was a close friend of hide, using breath sounds and various song cues to give the result a more realistic feeling. The result of their efforts left reviewers of the song review pre-release commenting on how the voice was "unmistakably" like hide's own.


The name, "hide", has been traditionally used whenever samples are used based on hide's voice or musical instrumentals, this is done as a form of respect to his passing. The tradition also extended to re-releases or re-mixes of songs he originally wrote prior to his death. This is why hide was credited as the voice singing despite the fact a VOCALOID based on his voice was singing and not hide himself. The actual name of the VOCALOID voicebank itself, however, is unknown.



The voice was used in the album Co Gal,[1] which was released on December 10, 2014.The album contains hide's "last song", he died just before the song went into production leaving behind only an audio demo and lyrics. Originally, the song "Co Gal", of which the album is named after, was due to be released on hide's solo album "Ja, Zoo". the now completed album was released on what would have been hide's 50th birthday.[2][3]

On December 9, 2015, a second HQ version of the album "子 ギャル" (Co Gal) will be released featuring the Vocaloid technology once more.[4]

Singer's biography[]

UPCH-9962 hide

CD cover[5]

Hideto Matsumoto, better known as "hide", was a member of the band X Japan and joined them as lead guitarist in 1987 and continued until the band’s disbandment in 1997. In 1993, he also begun a solo career. He died on the morning of May 2, 1998, at 33 years old. The exact cause of death is unknown, although many, including fellow X Japan member Yoshiki presumed it to be accidental.