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horizonsP is an Spanish producer and illustrator, characterized by his Clara and Luka duets. His songs often have a powerful vocal melody. In 2014, it was revealed that a large portion of his works were plagiarised, resulting in him taking a 3 year hiatus from the community. In 2017, he began publishing originals again.[1]

He also has worked on projects with other producers.

STATUS:June 2010 → Active
GENRE:House, R&B
ASSOCIATIONS:Akuo, lauramegurine
URL(s)Channel: Nico Nico (closed) Youtube
Gallery: DeviantArt Twitter
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Muse among the Muses" (Clara, Luka) (Mar.04.2012)
  2. "What a Wonderful World" (Clara, Luka) (Mar.12.2012)
  3. "If She Knew" (Luka) (Mar.31.2012)
  4. "Lights from Nowhere" (Clara, Luka) (Apr.05.2012)
  5. "Charmed behind the Gemini Masks" (Clara, Luka) (Apr.13.2012)
  6. "Anthem for the Silent Souls" (Clara, Luka) (May.05.2012)
  7. "It's a Fine Day" (Rin) (May.20.2012)
  8. "Nezvanova" (Clara, Luka) (Jun.03.2012)
  9. "Vamos a la Playa" (Clara, Luka) (Jun.06.2012)
  10. "World of Light" (Clara, Luka) (Jun.10.2012)
  11. "La Loba - She Wolf" (Clara, Luka) (Jun.19.2012)
  12. "Cicadas Never Sleep" (Clara, Luka) (Jun.23.2012)
  13. "Angels Never Pray" (Luka) (Jul.02.2012)
  14. "Dear Myself" (Clara, Luka) (Jul.15.2012)
  15. "Desert Rain" Re-make (Luka, Sonika, IA, Miriam, Lola) (Jul.18.2012)
  16. "Identify your 愛Dee" (Luka, horizonsP) (Jul.27.2012)
  17. "I know this handsome rave boy - ownstyle mix" (IA, Luka, Rin Sweet, d-EGO♂) (Jul.27.2012)
  18. "Vidas Simultáneas" (Clara) (Aug.07.2012)
  19. "Despertares" (Clara) (Ago.16.2012)
  20. "Boys Will Be Boys" (Luka) (Ago.18.2012)
  21. "Redescubriendo a Amélie" (Clara) (Oct.17.2012)
  22. "Make My Day!" (IA) (Oct.29.2012)
  23. "Ennui" (Luka) (Nov.09.2012)
  24. "alba.alexandria" (Luka) (Ene.12.2013)
  25. "Wonderland" (GUMI) (Feb.08.2013)
  26. "Standby Lives" (GUMI) (Feb.18.2013)
  27. "When can I see you again" (GUMI, Luka) (Abr.06.2013)
  28. "Fade" (Luka) (Abr.27.2013)
  29. "R.I.P" (Luka, AVANNA) (May.06.2013)
  30. "Caught Red-Handed" (Luka) (May.09.2013)
  31. "Gurú" (Clara) (Jun.20.2013)
  32. "TaRanTo" (Luka) (Jul.31.2013)
  33. "Luz de Gas" (Clara) (Ago.13.2013)
  34. "lemonade" (Miku, Luka) (Sep.03.2013)
  35. "Get Back" (Miku, Luka, GUMI, Sonika) (
  36. "Fukkireta BOI" (Miku) (Oct.14.2013)
  37. "Livin' in Voctroland" (Clara) (Oct.20.2013)
  38. "lesmonia (short ver.) (" (Miku) (Nov.03.2013)
  39. "reversed dandelions" (Luka) (Nov.16.2013)
  40. "Gurú" (MAIKA) (Dic.18.2013)
  41. "Liminales" (MAIKA, GUMI) (Dic.25.2013)
  42. "C#AEB - De Torres y Murallas" (MAIKA) (Feb.12.2014)
  43. "Hetaira" (MAIKA, Clara, Luka) (Abr.02.2014)
  44. "another clichè" (Miku, MAIKA) (May.06.2014)
  45. "Puta la Gracia" (MAIKA, Clara, IA) (May.22.2014)
  46. "Borderline" (Clara, MAIKA) (Jul.28.2014)
  47. "Anaconda" (MAIKA) (Sep.01.2014)
  48. "Quiero un Dinosaurio" (MAIKA, Clara) (Sep.17.2014) (Shaga)
  49. "Tic Tac Hoe" (Cyva, Maika, Megurine Luka, Clara) (Mar.17.2017)
  50. "Backwards" (Hatsune Miku, Maika) (Apr. 11.2017)
  51. "roast me (tender)" (MAIKA, Clara, Macne Nana, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku) (Apr.20.2017)
  52. "STR8/Astray" (RUBY, Cyber Diva, MAIKA, 巡音ルカ, Clara / horizons) (Jun.19.2017)
  53. "Esquinera" (Maika, Clara, Iroha, Megurine Luka) (Jul.11.2017)
  54. "Inland Cycle" (Kasane Teto, Maika, Cybersongman) (Aug.2.2017)
  55. "Qué Dirán" (Maika, Clara) (Aug.9.2017)
  56. "Cliché(s)" (Maika, Clara, Megurine Luka) (Oct.1.2017)
  57. "Escorpio" (RUBY, Iroha V4) (Nov.6.2017)
  58. "Pa'l hogar (tell 'em)" (Maika, Clara, Megurine Luka, Horizons) (Dec.9.2017)
  59. "ZER#0" (Maika, Daina) (May.23.2018)

Songs / Featured Works[]

What a Wonderful World

Uploaded 2012.03.12 Featuring MAIKA
Music horizonsP (music), SweetNighctore (arrange) Main article What a Wonderful World
Lyrics Tinker91, SweetNighctore
Video trk (encode)


Uploaded 2013.12.25 Featuring MAIKA
Music horizonsP Main article Liminales
Lyrics @Isz
Video horizonsP (illust)
horizonsP's first original song with MAIKA.


Uploaded 2014.04.02 Featuring MAIKA, Clara and Megurine Luka
Music horizonsP Main article Hetaira
Lyrics Gio
Video kay486 (illust)


Uploaded 2014.07.14 Featuring Clara feat. MAIKA
Music horizonsP Main article Borderline
Lyrics horizonsP
Video Akuo (illust)

Quiero un Dinosaurio

Uploaded 2014.09.17 Featuring MAIKA and Clara
Music Shaga (music), Akuo (melody, tuning), horizonsP (mix) Main article Quiero un Dinosaurio
Lyrics Akuo
Video Noriko Hayashi (illust)