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Song title
  • "Hundred Days"
Published Feb 15, 2014, with 420+ YouTube views and 50+ SoundCloud views


"Hundred Days" is an original song by LuaHs-P featuring YOHIOloid and AVANNA.


The day that I met you was the day that I started counting
I started counting the days that I say you
The day that I laid my eyes on yours
Was when I started counting when we might connect as one
That was all on the first day

Every day we saw each other
You would give me a smile
As you walk away
I would tell myself I will get to
Know your name
Even if it’s not today
It’ll be one day

On the tenth day I built up the courage to say hello
You had the biggest smile on your face
As you replied back
My heart felt it was about to jump out
The sound of your voice
It’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard

On the fourteenth day
That I started counting
I asked “How was your day?”
The sound of your voice made my heart stop
I can’t help but to smile
I’ll know your name one day

It’s been twenty days since I started counting
I saw you once again, you fell over
I helped you up
And I asked your name
With a smile on your face
You told me your name

The season changed and so did you
Every time I see you it’s all the same
We say hello and walk away
But I think it’s time for some change
I’m going to change

It’s been fifty days since I’ve been counting
Everyday has been the same
But I don’t care
As long as I get to see you smile and hear your sweet voice
Even if you say hello
My heart beats and tells me that I’m alive
And I’m not dreaming

The next day I decided it was time for change
As we saw each other we both stopped and walked towards each other
I asked “how was your day?”.
You replied and said it was great

I asked if we could get to know each other.
You told me that you would love to
Now my heart is beating too fast

Every day we walk to work
Talking until we went our separate ways
We would meet up for lunch
And we would walk home
At the end of the day
My heart is pounding over the thought of you

Every day was the same
We learnt something about each other
Every day was the same
My heart keeps on beating really fast
When I think about you

On the ninetieth day that I started counting
I’ve fallen more in love with you
I’ve become speechless around you
And I can’t stop myself from blushing
Every time I hear your calming voice

Ninety nine days since I’ve started counting
I can’t get the thought of you
Off my mind
Tomorrow is going to be a different day

I’m going to ask

As we saw each other
I couldn’t stop myself from blushing
My nerves are getting to me
Here it goes

I love you so much

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