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  • "HunterxFox"
Published December 1, 2015 (SC) / December 7, 2015 (YT), with 200+ YouTube views and 190+ SoundCloud views
  • Dreamer-P


A hunter and a fox met in the forest. And they fell in love.

Soon, I will make a PV for this. But, it might take awhile. Once I do, it'll be up on Youtube and Nicovideo.

"HunterxFox" is an original song by Dreamer-P featuring DEX and DAINA.


One day, a hunter was out in the woods
A fox was on a stroll through the woods
Then, the two meet
And, from then on it was like magic

Over there
Is a hunter
Doing what he does best
Unaware that
His life will change

He moves deeper into the woods
Sweating from a long hard day's work
Then, he meets her...

My heart starts racing
I can't feel my hands
What do I do next?
She looks over at me
I want to turn away
But I can't
And, so she notices me
Won't you please invite me on the woods floor next to you?

Over here
Is a fox
Doing her normal routines
Delirious of the hunter
Standing nearby

She turns around to see
The man standing not far from her
And their eyes meet...

My heart is jumping
I'm starting to shake
What will happen next?
He gets closer to me
I want to run away
But, I won't
Cause, I really want to stay
Won't you please sit here on the woods floor next to me?

Months have gone by since that day
The day that I met you
I shall treasure the time we have spent together
... Till the day I die.

My heart stops beating
When I look at you
Memories we spent flash by
I want to grab hold of you
And never let you go
So, let's run away together
Cause, I love you
Won't you please come along and be right next to me?

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