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  • "I’m With You"
Published Dec 13, 2013


I’m With You is the third song on the AVANNA EP.


Wondering why I’m losing sight of you
Frozen in this world I made for two
Oh this could be a different dream
But why can’t I believe this point of view
Look at you

Maybe there is something I can do
Break away the chains that I’m bound to
But i can’t find the words to say
The spell that I can whisper back at you
So please don’t go

I’ve been loved by you
I can’t hide this feeling
Lips so close to you
I want to get right into it
Just as how you do
Believe that we should be
I need you by my side
Cause I’m right here waiting for you

For you

Will you run for me
Like you always do
Take my hand with you
And be loved by you
Will you cry for me
When l’ll say l do
And I’ll wait for you
To be loved by you

I’m with you

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