IA/01 -BIRTH- is a two disc album by 1st PLACE, containing work from many famous producers, featuring only IA. It features the full version of her demo song, "My Soul,Your Beats!". The limited edition includes two additional DVDs, one featuring an animated music video supervised by Takuya Hosogane and bonus footage created by Sidu and the other featuring audio data, including VSQX files, and editing data of the music video. The limited edition also includes a trial version of VOCALOID3 Library IA, which was available until December 31, 2012.

The album can be purchased from Amazon (regular/ limited) and CDJapan (regular/ limited).

  • Disc 1: #1-13
  • Disc 2: #14-28
Ia birth.jpeg
Released April 25, 2012
Producer Various
Price ¥2940
Illust. Akasaka Aka
Track list
1. My Soul,Your Beats!
Jun Maeda feat. IA
2. 現実的論理主義者
Genjitsuteki Ronri Shugisha / A Realistic Logical Ideologist
goboumen feat. IA
3. 日本橋高架下R計画
Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku
Jin feat. IA
4. サンテンイチヨン
Santen Ichiyon / Santen Fourteen
Ramune feat. IA
5. オーヴァースレプト
Neru feat. IA
6. Mystic Dyeing
Yamaji feat. IA
7. grief
keeno feat. IA
8. Changes
yuxuki waga feat. IA
9. ぼくらの報復政策
Bokura no Houfuku Seisaku / Our Policy of Retaliation
kemu feat. IA
10. Epimetheus
Muryoku-P feat. IA
11. hope -look up when i walk- feat. IA
Jun Maeda feat. IA
12. アイロニー
kous feat. IA
13. グナイマイラブ
Goodnight My Love
Live-P feat. IA
14. Melting Glacier
yusukeP feat. IA
15. カフェラッテ
Cafe Latte
IOSYS feat. IA
16. 少年は教室がきらいだったのだ
Shonen wa Kyoushitsu ga Kiraidatta no da
Ishifuro feat. IA
17. ヘッドフォンアクター
Headphone Actor
Jin feat. IA
18. tale of the tree
Jun Maeda feat. IA
19. 塵塵呪詛(チリチリジュソ)
Chiri Chiri Juso / Dust Dust Curse
kikuo feat. IA
20. alphabet
Kyoton-P feat. IA
21. Falling Apart
Taishi feat. IA
SN Ratio feat. IA
23. And around you
24. アスノヒカリ
Asu no Hikari / Light of Tomorrow
Nhato feat. IA
25. ライア
Nekobolo feat. IA
26. 夢見心地
Yumemigokochi / Stardust
Nio-P feat. IA
27. ロスト・サマー
Lost Summer
Kobayashi Onyx feat. IA
28. My Soul,Your Beats! (sasakure.UK Re:incarnation Remix)
sasakure.UK feat. IA
IA02 COLOR.jpg
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