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IA Visual Tracks -COLORFUL- (also known as "IA/VT -COLORFUL-") is a game produced for the PS Vita by MARVELOUS Inc. It stars 1st PLACE Co., Ltd.'s VOCALOID, IA in her first video game role. The game was initially due for its Japanese release on July 31, 2014, but after several delays was released on July 30, 2015.[1][2]

When Marvelous released official apology notices about the game delays, there were no officially statement as to the reason behind the delay, although it was mentioned that "the further improvement of quality" was a key factor.[3][4][5]



IA/VT -COLORFUL- is described as a "sound catching" rhythm action game that incorporates the use of both the analog stick and the face buttons. Players will have to move the on-screen cursor along the perimeter of a larger on-screen circle, as well as press the face buttons in time as they align with the cursor itself, simulating the "catching" of the music.[6] It features 60 songs, and will also support downloadable content once available.[7]

  1. Gameplay modes: "Step-Up" (challenge mode), "Network Mode" (for posting videos and checking rank), "My List Play," "Free Play," and "Recommended Play."
      1.2 The "Step-Up" play mode was released. It tasks the player to specifically designed challenges for every song. Examples for what the challenges can involve include attaining a certain score, getting a minimum number of “Cool” rankings for button timing, and clearing the song within a set number of misses. It was also revealed that the game's GUI can be altered by accumulating enough points to buy customizations in the in-game shop. Features that can be customized include the buttons and gauges seen while playing.[8]
  2. Three types of PV: Original PVs, Game Original PVs and 3D PVs. Which type of PV to play the song as would not be an option, as the PV type would be predetermined. IA would also have multiple outfits which could be chosen for 3D PVs.[9]

Edition releases

A limited edition version was also announced to be available for pre-order, set at 9,240 yen (compared to the regular retail version's 4,800 yen). This special box set is said to include a variety of items, such as a game pouch, a PS Vita skin, decorative stickers, strap, cleaning cloth, charm strap, and a card case.[10][11]


See gallery for /Costumes

Aside from IA's official outfit, IA/VT -COLORFUL- will include an additional 21 in-game costumes to chose from. Each costume will also include 3 color options (excluding the Casual, Gasshoutai, Party Dress, and Wedding Dress costumes).[12]


Featured producers

A-Bee, ANANT-GARDE EYES, emon, Hayato Tanaka, Ishifuro, Komorita Minoru, Mabe Shuichi, Mafumafu, Mito, Mochizuki Urara, Mutsuki Levin, Nodoka, out of survice, PolyphonicBranch, Rider, Taki Yoshimitsu (9mm Parabellum Bullet), Total Objection, yksb, Darvish-P, Ichiokuen-P (Dezzy), Ishifuro, Kikuo, Mafumafu, 10日P (Monaca:Factory), Nanahoshi Kangengakudan, Nekobolo, Neru, Nhato, NioP, Otetsu, seleP, Shirakami Mashiro, Jin (Shizen no Teki P), Taishi, Utata P × Tory Hitsuji, Yairi, Zips, Goboumen

Song list

Japanese, Romaji English Producer
01 如月アテンション (Kisaragi Attention) Kisaragi Attention Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
02 God only knows God only knows Darvish-P
03 TSUBASA New Days TSUBASA New Days A-Bee
04 アスノヒカリ (Asu no Hikari) Light of Tomorrow Nhato
05 夕暮れの真相 (Yuugure no Shinsou) The Truth of the Evening Shirakami Mashiro
06 少年は教室がきらいだったのだ (Shounen wa Kyoushitsu ga Kirai datta no da) The Boy Hated the Classroom Ishifuro
07 22世紀からのハロー (22 Seiki Kara no Hello) Hello from the 22nd Century Rider
08 空想フォレスト (Kuusou Forest) Fantasy Forest Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
09 ラヴ・サジタリアス (Love Sagittarius) Love Sagittarius Mutsuki Levin
10 Re;BIRTH Re;Birth Sele-P
11 残る夏に花束を (Nokoru Natsu ni Hanataba o) Flowers For The Remaining Summer Nodoka
12 夕景イエスタデイ (Yuukei Yesterday) Sunset Yesterday Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
13 夢見心地 (Yumemi Gokochi) Dreamy State of Mind Nio-P
14 ライア (Liar) Liar Nekobolo
15 星空のライオン (Hoshizora no Lion) Lion of the Starry Sky emon
16 影炎≒Variation (Kagerou≒Variation) Shadow-Haze≒Variation Yairi
17 チルドレンレコード (Children Record) Children Record Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
18 鹿驚 (Kakashi) Shika Odoroki Mochizuki Urara
19 Summer Songs Summer Songs Komatsu Kazuya
20 オーヴァースレプト (Overslept) Overslept Neru
21 リズの内心革命 (Liz no Naishin Kakumei) Revolution of Liz's Innermost Heart Zips
22 アヤノの幸福理論 (Ayano no Koufuku Riron) Ayano's Theory of Happiness Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
23 ローレライ Lorelei monaca:factory (10日P)
24 ばいばいスーパースター (Bye Bye Superstar) Bye Bye Superstar Ishifuro
25 Party Party Party Party Komorita Minoru
26 身代わりキボンヌ (Migawari Kibonnu) Scapegoat Kibon'nu Mabe Shuichi
27 Over Drive Over Drive TeddyLoid
28 Falling Apart Falling Apart Taishi
29 日本橋高架下R計画 (Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku) Japan Bridge Overpass Under R Plan Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
30 ページェント ~for a GLORY~ Pageant ~for a GLORY~ Mito (from Kuramubon)
31 僕らに喜劇を見せてくれ (Bokura ni Kigeki o Misetekure) Show the Comedy to Us Jin (Shizen no Teki P) × Ishifuro
32 killer smile killer smile yksb
33 クラウドライダー (Cloud Rider) Cloud Rider Hayato Tanaka
34 銀河鉄道365 (Ginga Tetsudou 365) Galaxy Express 365 Ichiokuen-P
35 延命治療 (Enmei Chiryou) Life-sustaining treatment Neru
36 キミのことが好きでゴメンナサイ (Kimi no Koto ga Suki de Gomennasai) I'm Sorry for Liking You Utata-P × Tory Hitsuji
37 単色世界 (Tanshoku Sekai) Monochromatic World Wataame
38 Crystal Prism Crystal Prism ANANT-GARDE EYES
40 Inner Arts Inner Arts Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
41 RACER'S HIGH RACER'S HIGH Nanahoshi Kangengakudan
42 ヘイセイカタクリズム (Heisei Cataclysm) Serenity Cataclysm Zips
43 ヘッドフォンアクター (Headphone Actor) Headphone Actor Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
44 仇返しシンドローム (Adagaeshi Syndrome) Adageshi Syndrome Mafumafu
45 ワルード・コーリング (World Calling) World Calling Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
46 塵塵呪詛(チリチリジュソ) (Chiri Chiri Juso) Dust Dust Curse Kikuo
47 ロンリーチャイルド (Lonely Child) Lonely Child Otetsu
48 Circuit DISCO Circuit Disco Komatsu Kazuya
49 東京リアルワールド (Tokyo Real World) Tokyo Real World out of survice
50 ロスタイムメモリー (Lost Time Memory) Lost Time Memory Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
51 夕暮れ蝉日記 (Yuugure Semi Nikki) Evening Cicada Diary Mafumafu
52 偽りの決意 (Itsuwari no Ketsui) False Determination Shirakami Mashiro
53 少女自傷癖 (Shoujo Jishouheki) A Young Girl's Self-Harm Habit PolyphonicBranch
54 現実的論理主義者 (Genjitsuteki Ronri Shugisha) A Realistic Logical Ideologist Goboumen
55 セツナドライブ (Setsuna Drive) Momentary Drive Taki Yoshimitsu (9mm Parabellum Bullet)
56 今日が雨の日じゃないとして (Kyou ga Ame no Hi Janai Toshite) As is not a day of rain today Ishifuro
57 サマータイムレコード (Summertime Record) Summertime Record Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
58 恋椿姫 (Koi Tsubaki Hime) Camellia Princess' Love PolyphonicBranch
59 絶境パラノイア (Zekkyou Paranoia) Remote Paranoia Total Objection
60 横浜バトルライン (Yokohama Battle Line) Yokohama Battle Line out of survice
01* 死神のギター (Shinigami no Guitar) Potential 0
02* ウラギリモジュール (Uragiri Module) Utata-P x Tory Hitsuji
03* 慟哭吸血鬼 (Doukoku Vampire) YASUHIRO
04* サンデーミナミパーク (Sunday Minami Park) Sunday Minami Park Ishifuro
05* プロムナード (Promenade) Promenade monaca:factory
06* 夜咄ディセイブ (Yobanashi Deceive) Night Tales Deceive Jin (Shizen no Teki P)
07* マジックアワー (Magic Hour) Magic Hour out of survice
08* Shooting Star Shooting Star TeddyLoid
09* 始まりの庭 (Hajimari no Niwa) Shirakami Mashiro
11* オーヴァークロック (Overclock) Overclock Neru
12* 君のとなりに (Kimi no Tonari ni) rerulili
13* ヤクビョウガミ (Yakubyou Gami) mafumafu
14* ゲラゲラと笑うな (Geragera to Warau na) Ishifuro
15* 泣き虫ピエロ (Nakimushi Pierrot) PolyphonicBranch
16* サナトリウム (Sanatorium) Sanatorium Shinokura
17* Perverse Love Rock! Perverse Love Rock Nakazawa Tomoyuki
18* アフターグロウ (Afterglow) Afterglow Zauni
19* I Want You I Want You Masakey

*A Japanese PSN account is required to obtain and use DLC for IA/VT Colorful.




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