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This article is about the assumed cancelled VOCALOID4 software known as a voicebank. If you are looking for the VOCALOID character then click here.

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During an interview, 1st Place's CEO stated that an English voicebank for IA was something they wanted to try. However, they wouldn't release it if they didn't think they were able to deliver high enough quality.[1]


In late June, a questionnaire titled "This is a questionnaire about virtual artist, IA. And Japanese Anime & Character culture" featured a question asking if the participant had used IA. This was then followed by a question asking if they would try her if there was an English version.[2]

On July 1, the English voicebank was revealed to be in development through a Weibo comment stack.[3] A tweet also mentioned that IA English and a talking CeVIO voicebank were being developed.[4] However, 1st Place later denied the claims of a CeVIO talk bank. They stated that they would only release the speaking voicebank if it was deemed high enough quality and that the engine was not confirmed.[5]


On March 10, 2018, 1st Place revealed a crossfade for an upcoming album called IA/04. Some of the songs featured IA singing in English, confirming the new bank in production. However, it was not clarified what voice synthesizer this voicebank was developed for.[6][7] On March 11, Lia, IA's voice provider, acknowledged the new voicebank and tagged her post with "#englishvocaloid" which implied that this voicebank was to be developed for VOCALOID.[8] On March 12, Lia later retracted her previous tweet regarding what voice synthesizer IA English was running on, noting that she was unable to announce any further information.[9]

On March 28, it was found in the song credits for "Conqueror" that IA English was programmed for CeVIO.[10]

IA ENGLISH C was released for CeVIO Creative Studio on June 29, 2018. IA's English V4 voicebank was presumed to have been abandoned in favor of IA ENGLISH C on CeVIO.

Product Information[]


This voicebank would have allowed users to create better English results than using either the Japanese voicebanks for the same purpose.