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|imagenav1 = IA hana album.jpg
|imagenav1 = IA hana album.jpg
|linknav1 = [[IA THE WORLD ~華~ (Hana)|Hana]]
|linknav1 = [[IA THE WORLD ~華~ (Hana)|Hana]]
|imagenav2 =
|imagenav2 = IA koku album.jpg
|linknav2 =
|linknav2 = [[IA THE WORLD ~刻~ (Koku)|Koku]]
|track1jap-eng = Donten no Kage ni
|track1jap-eng = Donten no Kage ni

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IA THE WORLD ~雨~ (~Ame~ / ~Rain~) is the twelfth album in TEAM ENTERTAINMENT's IA only compilation series "IA THE WORLD" and contains 12 tracks.

IA ame album
Released May 13, 2015
Producer Various
Price ¥2,160
Illust. ryosios
Label TEAM Entertainment
Track list
1. 曇天ノ陰ニ
Donten no Kage ni
Con feat. IA
2. くちどけハリケーンショック
Kuchi Doke Hurricane Shock
NapoliP feat. IA
3. 灰色と雨
Haiiro to Ame
otetsu feat. IA
4. Far Beyond
Darvish-P feat. IA
5. rain cats and dogs
Kuroda Asin feat. IA
6. レイニー・グレイス
Rainy Grace
Wataame feat. IA
7. 才の雨に撃たれて
Sai no Ame ni Uta rete
Nejishiki feat. IA
8. 夢籠
Yume Kago
Toa feat. IA
9. はるさめ
Takatyu feat. IA
10. Please don't go anywhere
23 feat. IA
11. like a fine day
SunaP feat. IA
12. 優しい雨にサヨナラを
Yasashii Ame ni Sayonara o
n.k feat. IA
IA hana album
IA koku album

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