iKz, also known as iKzzzKuliner and iKzzz-Kuliner, is a Chinese producer from Beijing, China. He made his debut in 2012 and made his introduction to bilibili in December 2013. He specializes in electronic and pop styles of music. "Fǎnpài Sǐ Yú Huà Duō" is the first of his works to reach 1 million views.

His birthday is August 15, 1985.


Links Title Featuring Date Roles
[sc][bb] "所谓自由" Luo Tianyi April 3, 2014 compose, arrange, lyrics, mixing, tuning
[sc][bb] "我要买买买" Luo Tianyi October 21, 2014 lyrics, compose, arrange, mixing
[bb] "大医精诚" YANHE January 31, 2017 arrange, mixing
[bb] "噗呦噗呦" Luo Tianyi March 23, 2017 music, lyrics, mixing
[bb][yt] "末世残响" Yuezheng Ling July 6, 2017 lyrics, compose, arrange, mixing
[bb] "心层麻醉" Hatsune Miku V4 Chinese December 14, 2017 lyrics assistance, compose, arrange, mixing
[bb][yt] "反派死于话多" Luo Tianyi, YANHE May 31, 2018 lyrics, compose, arrange
[bb] "长夜无光" YANHE July 5, 2018 compose, arrange, mixing
[bb] "眉间不点砂" Luo Tianyi August 23, 2018 production
[bb] "狮子座" Yuezheng Longya Chun September 30, 2018 compose, arrange, mixing
[bb] "恐高症" YANHE June 7, 2019 lyrics, compose, arrange, mixing
[bb] "乐行者" Yuezheng Ling September 12, 2019 lyrics, compose, arrange, mixing
[bb] "特立独行的猪" YANHE April 30, 2020 compose, arrange, mixing



Affiliation Title Featuring Date Roles
YANHE PROJECT "The Stage 2" YANHE November 25, 2013 lyrics
uragis "殿堂II" Luo Tianyi, YANHE, Xin Hua, Wang Chao October 25, 2015 compose, arrange, lyrics, mixing
uragis "殿堂III" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, YANHE, Xin Hua, GUMI February 22, 2017 compose, arrange, lyrics, tuning, mixing
Vsinger "" Yuezheng Ling January 10, 2018 compose
Xiaomu☆moku "卡纳塔幻想曲" Luo Tianyi, Yuezheng Ling, YANHE, Yuezheng Longya, Xingchen March 20, 2018 compose, arrange, mixing
Vsinger "白日梦" YANHE July 11, 2020 compose
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