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UNI'S 1st Official Demo Album is the first official album featuring UNI by ST MEDiA Co., Ltd.. Two versions of this album were released: a normal version that featured only the CD and a limited edition version that came with a special LED light stand. A pre-order sale was held for both versions five days prior to the album's release.

The album can be ordered on ST MEDiA's website, Character Planet.

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Released December 1, 2017
Producer Various
Price ₩16,500 (normal version)
¥70,000 (limited edition)
Illust. OSUK2
Label ST MEDiA Co., Ltd.
Track list
1. Boundary
Dr. Yun feat. UNI
2. 어제, 오늘, 내일
Eoje, Oneul, Naeil / Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
ichigo feat. UNI
3. Installation
Sangnoksu feat. UNI
4. 작별 카운트다운
Jakbyeol Countdown / Farewell Countdown
WyvernP feat. UNI
5. Elixir
zzZ feat. UNI
6. 愛情販売機
Aijou Hanbaiki / Affectionate Machine
KoERA feat. UNI
NONE feat. UNI
8. 아브라카다브라
Abeurakadabeura / Abracadabra
ichigo feat. UNI
9. U.N.I.
WyvernP, Raseu and Eoreumyang feat. UNI
10. 벚꽃비
Beotkkotbi / Cherry Blossom Rain
Sangnoksu feat. UNI
11. 산책
Sanchaek / Walk
zzZ feat. UNI
12. 우주에 단 하나뿐인 너에게 부르는 노래
Uju-e dan Hanappunin Neo-ege Bureuneun Norae / Song for the Only Person in the Universe
KoERA feat. UNI